Home world: M91 Star
First appearance: Ultraman Gaia episode 41 "The Resurrection of Agul"
Latest appearance: None
Height: 75 m
Weight: 105,000 t
Category: Robot
Affiliation: TBA

Σ-Zuigul (Σシグマズイグル Shiguma Zuiguru lit. Sigma Zuigul) is a robot that appeared in the series Ultraman Gaia in episode 41 "The Resurrection of Agul".

Subtitle: Space Capture Mecha-beast (宇宙捕獲メカ獣 Uchū Hokaku Meka-jū)


  • Height: 75 m
  • Weight: 105,000 t
  • Origin: M91 stellar system


Ultraman Gaia

Coming from a wormhole, Σ-Zuigul's appearance prompted XIG to send Team Crow to defeat the monster. However, just in time Ultraman Gaia came in to stop him, but Σ-Zuigul uses two blue balls that hit the Ultra. Gaia could not use his finishing move, so he uses the hand cutter and destroys Σ-Zuigul. Soon the fiend reformed. Gamu went to transform, but the Esplender was covered in metal!

Surprisingly he was hit with those two blue balls and it made him stick out his arms before he got trapped in a crucifix like case. The prison goes into the monsters' chest, and it launches towards a wormhole. Hiroya Fujimiya (Agul's host) watches, feeling hopeless that he couldn't help Gamu as he had given his Agul powers to Gamu. His futile shouts seem to irritate ∑-Zuigul before he is knocked unconscious by its attacks.

He soon has a dream about the people he meet including Gamu, some children, the KBC news reporter and his dead fiance Inamori.

When he learned the mistakes he made, his will to redeem himself awakened the Blue Light of the Seas, which granted him the stronger and more agile form of Ultraman Agul V2 from the ocean.  Agul and Σ-Zuigul go to fight but, seeing Gamu he uses the Agul Blade to free him and breaks off one of his "wings". With the advantage he uses his new Photon Screw attack, deflecting the missiles launched and blowing the robot to pieces.

After the battle, Gamu and Hiroya soon become friends and protected the planet as the Ultramen of Earth.


  • In flight, Σ-Zuigul makes the shape of a crucifix.
  • Σ-Zuigul costume is a modified Rukulion suit.

Powers and Weapons

  • Wormhole: Σ-Zuigul can travel through wormholes
  • Capture Beam: Prevents Gamu from transforming, and builds a small prison capsule around him
  • Levitation: Σ-Zuigul can levitate when his arms lock inside
  • Dematerialize: He can Dematerialize himself and reform at will
  • Finger Missiles: He can shoot missiles from his fingers
  • Ultra Capture: He can capture Ultras by shooting blue balls, and preventing them from transforming, and crucify them in his chest.


If Σ-Zuigul's "wings" are broken off, it can no longer levitate.


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