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AIB (Alien Investigation Bureau)
AIB Logo
Members: Alien Shadow Zena
Moa Aizaki
Alien Pitt Tri-Tip
Alien Groza
Alien Serpent
Alien Pedan
Alien Zelan
Alien Muzan
Alien Neril
Alien Zobetai
Alien Shadow Kuruto (Formerly)
Affiliations: Ultraman Geed
Designations: Investigate Aliens
First appearance: A Job Where You Investigate Aliens
Latest appearance: TBA

AIB (Alien Investigation Bureau) is an attack team that appeared in the 2017 Ultra Series, Ultraman Geed.


AIB was created after the Crisis Impact incident.


The aim of the operation is investigating aliens, who carries any unique things and arresting aliens that have committed crimes.


Alien Shadow Zena
20170617 230903

An Alien Shadow that possibly the founder of AIB.

Moa Aizaki

Moa Aizaki is a childhood friend of Riku Asakura. She and him used to play together. Now, she works as an agent for AIB, along with her partner Zena. She hides her true job by also being a sales manager at Nico Nico Life Insurance.

Tri Trip

AIB Personnel Equipment


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