A Distant Friend
Ultraman Max, Episode 25
Alien Neril Keef I
Air date 12/17/2005

03/15/2017 (USA)

Screenplay by Ai Ota
Directed by Takeshi Yagi
Special skill director Kenji Suzuki
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The Untargeted Town
Elly of Christmas
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A Distant Friend (遥かなる友人 Haruka Naru Yūjin) is the 25th episode of Ultraman Max.


An alien named Kiif comes to Earth. The young boy Kakeru encourages him to stay and live as a human. Crunchyroll summary







DVD Release

  • Ultraman Max Volume 7 features episodes 23-26.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.


  • This episode was later featured in episode 132 of New Ultraman Retsuden: Fight Fierce Max! The Distant Friend!.
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 15, 2017

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