A Father's Love
Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, Episode 8
Jamila powered IV
Air date TBA
Directed by TBA
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Devils from the Crypts
The Fires Beneath

A Father's Love is the 8th episode from Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


Julie Young's niece becomes the focus of a government investigation when she begins making claims that her father, the astronaut Jamra Miller has suddenly returned to Earth after being lost in space. When a pair of government agents try to kidnap her, Jamra does in fact appear to stop them and Young can't believe her eyes when her brother-in-law suddenly turns into a metallic giant in order to protect his daughter. The agents succeed in their attempts and Kai, Young and Beck begin their own search for the girl. They track her down to an abandoned warehouse where Jamra appears one last time as well. It seems that the government is holding Jamra's daughter in order to capture him, find out what happened to him out in space and try to make an army of others like him. When the agents try to tranquilize Jamra, he once again turns into the metallic giant and goes on a rampage. Cut off from WINR's resources, Kai has to transform into Ultraman Powered in order to stop Jamila. As Jamila was beating down Powered, Karen tried to make Jamir within the creature remember who he originally was. Jamir's consciousness managed to hold off Jamila long enough for Powered to finish him off with the Mega Specium Ray.


WINR (Worldwide Investigation Network Response team)




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