A Quartet of Creatures
Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, Episode 3
Powered vs Red King
Air date 1994 (Direct-to-Video)

April 27, 1995 (airing)

Written by Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Directed by King Wilder
Viewer Ratings 5.8%
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The Dark Past

A Quartet of Creatures is the 3rd episode of Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


A documentary film crew working in South America has discovered a place where gigantic, prehistoric monsters freely roam the land as they did millions of years ago. When the crew's gear mysteriously disappears along with their only method of calling for aid, WINR comes to the rescue. Cornered in a mountain cavern by the ferocious female Red King and a ancient flightless bird called Chandora (who is named Chondra instead), the film crew find their equipment being guarded by another tiny, red creature named Pigmon. The creature's benign nature gives them the idea of taking back a live specimen to put on display rather than just film footage of monsters fighting each other. While Sanders and Young try to divert Red King's attention in one of the Hawk fighter craft, Kai ventures in on foot for a rescue. But when it becomes evident that WINR's weapons are having no effect on the monster, Kai transforms into Ultraman Powered. The humanoid giant has no problem holding off the female Red King until its larger, more ferocious and more powerful mate shows up! and the two monster briefly double-team Powered. After being dazed by WINR, The female Red King wanders off a cliff to her doom, which leaves her mate in sorrow and loss. Ultraman Powered allows the male Red King to live, feeling sympathy for the monster.


WINR (Worldwide Investigation Network Response team)

Guest Stars

  • Roger Schecter (played by Jeffrey Combs)
  • Bamara (played by Julie Uribe)
  • Katanga (played by Elias Gallegos)
  • Pete (played by Philip Tanzini)




  • Jeffrey Combs (Re:Animator, From Beyond, Star Trek series), Julie Uribe, Elias Gallegos & Philip Tanzini serves as a guest stars for this episode.
  • This episode is based on The Lawless Monster Zone from Ultraman, except changed definitely.
  • Magular was originally planned to appear in Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero in the same episode with Red King and Chandora (much like there original counterpart did,) but ultimately never appeared.

Other References

  • Roger mentions three cryptids: Loch Ness monster, Big Foot, & the Abominable Snowman (which is a yeti). 

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