Ace Killer Squad
Ace Killer Squad
Members: Ace Killer
Alien Nepenthes
Alien Woovelve
Affiliations: Unknown
Designations: Assasinations
Mercenary Work (Possibly)
First appearance: TBA
Latest appearance: TBA

The Ace Killer Squad (エースキラー軍団 Ēsu Kirā gundan) is an alien mercenary group lead by an individual who is also their namesake.


Little is known at this time, besides the fact that they work under contracts and that Yapool knows and fears them.


  • Ace Killer: The leader
  • Alien Nepenthes: The team strategist
  • Alien Woovelve: A member
  • Others: They serve as grunts


  • The Ace Killer Squad are obviously based on the Choju, given their membership, their name and the fact that they have some manner of history with Yapool.
    • Despite this, only Ace Killer is actually based off an actual Choju.
  • See Also: Unused Ace Killer Squad Concepts

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