Action Archive Series (アクションアーカイブ) is a candy toy line created by Bandai, which focuses on toys of Attack Team Vehicles & Weapons, Transformation Items, & action figures of Ultramen. All of the toys come with a soda-flavored candy and a sheet of stickers for the toy's detailing.


Action Archive Ultraman

  • Release Date: July 28, 2009
  • Price: 500 Yen for each box
  • JAN/ISBN: 4543112557995
  • Material: ABS, PVC


  1. Take Off! VTOL (includes Small and Shuttle VTOL)
  2. Attack! Super Gun (includes Badge and Super Gun)
  3. Transform! Beta Capsule (includes Beta Capsule, with lights & sound)
  4. Action! Ultraman (includes a poseable 14cm Ultraman Action Figure with light-up gimmick)

Action Archive Ultraman Galaxy Legend: THE MOVIE

  • Release Date: December 22, 2009
  • Price: 500 yen for each box
  • JAN/ISBN: 4543112588326
  • Materials: ABS, PVC


  1. Action! Ultraman Zero (includes a poseable 14cm Ultraman Zero Action Figure with light-up gimmick)
  2. Combine! Zero Slugger & Color Timer (includes 2 Zero Sluggers & wearable Color Timer)
  3. Take Off! Pendragon (includes Pendragon with Dragon Speeder)
  4. Summon! Neo Battlenizer (includes Neo Battlenizer with sound gimmick)

Action Archive Ultraseven

  • Release Date: May 18, 2010
  • Price: 500 yen for each box
  • JAN/ISBN: 4543112589491
  • Materials: ABS, PVC, PE, PET


  1. Action! Ultraseven (includes a poseable 14cm Ultraseven Action Figure)
  2. Transform! Ultra Eye & Capsule Monster (includes an Eye Slugger and three Capsules)
  3. Equip! Video Seaver (lncludes wearable Video Seaver)
  4. Fire! Ultra Gun (includes Ultra Gun & Missile)
  5. Eye Slugger & Zero Twin Sword Set (includes Eye Slugger & Zero Twin Sword)

Action Archive Ultraman Zero

  • Release Date: December 28, 2010
  • Price: 500 yen for each box
  • JAN/ISBN: 4543112646606
  • Materials: ABS, PVC


  1. Fight! Ultimate Zero (includes a poseable 14cm Ultraman Zero figure with Ultimate Aegis equipment)
  2. Ultra Zero Lance & Ultra Zero Bracelet (includes a small version of Ultra Zero Lance and a wearable Zero Bracelet)
  3. Change! Ultra Zero Eye (includes a small Ultra Zero Eye, also transformable into gun mode)
  4. Transform! Jean-bot (includes a poseable 14cm Jean-bot figure, transformable into Jean-bird via parts swapping)

Action Archive Ultraman Saga

  • Release Date: April 10, 2012
  • Price: 500 yen for each box
  • JAN/ISBN: 24543112732518
  • Materials: ABS, PVC


  1. Ultraman Saga Action Figure
  2. Ultra Zero Eye & Saga Brace (includes a reissued Ultra Zero Eye & a new wearable Saga Bracelet)
  3. U-Loader (transformable to Robot & Flight modes)


  • The Action Archive Ultraman Zero line is released in PRC by Shunjia toys.

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