Aerial Base
XIG Aerial Base
Length: 600 m
Weight: Unknown
Width: Unknown
Seats up to: All Aerial Base staffs (exact number unknown)
Max Speed: Unknown
Type: Airborne Carrier/Battleship
Affiliation XIG
 The Aerial Base (エリアルベース Aria Besu?) is a gigantic airborne carrier base operated by GUARD and is being used as the base of operations for XIG in the TV Series Ultraman Gaia .


A gigantic airborne carrier built by GUARD, is being used for the base of operations for XIG. Aerial Base is 600 meters long. It "floats" in the equatorial orbit by the anti-proton flotation mechanism, the "Repulsor Lift". The Repulsor Lift is being built based on the designs provided by the cooperation of the Alchemy Stars. 

Features and Functions

The main base of operations for XIG is the huge bridge located on the top of the base. On each side of the main bridge is a block of tower that is believed to be the primary communications and radar towers. The main bridge has a tall and antenna with two panels on each side. This antenna is believed to be a powerful radar and the network link between the GUARD satellites, located directly on top of Aerial Base. Technically, XIG's headquarters is the main bridge and the hangar for its vehicles, while the remaining entire ship belongs to GUARD. This is because although XIG is the "protagnist military force", it is technically a branch of the GUARD. Therefore, GUARD is the "boss". The Aerial Base, like a small city, has a large accommodation and recreational facilities to help the operating crew to feel like their home. The base contains training rooms, multi-level cafeteria, training simulators, sleeping quarters for the hundreds of men and women, recreational facilities, medical centres, and many others. For field work, the base contains multiple hangar bays for its dozens, if not, hundreds of vehicles, flight decks, communications and radar decks, maintenance decks, transportation services and many others. At the front end of the base is the launch exits for three Container Mechas, called the Chamber Gates. There is also a launching pad lift located at the top rear of the base. This launch pad is the lift-off deck for the mobile command and transport aircraft, the Peace Carry. All of the flight decks, battle deck, hangar, maintenance decks and most of the other sections require many personnel in order to operate in full capacity. Although there are many GUARD personnel seen working all around the inside of the base, the exact number of the crew in the Aerial Base is unknown.

The Aerial Base itself has a function of an airborne battleship, when a critical situation occurs that can trigger an End-of-the-World scenario (example: Episode 47 XIG Destroyed!?), if the commander/captain (in this case, Commander Akio Ishimuro) of Aerial Base issues the Earth Defense Directive Defcon One (DefCon1), it can immediately start up its thrusters (the six blue pads on both sides of the ship) and convert itself from a "floating" base into a combat-ready battleship. With this form the Aerial Base can confront any enemy directly. With heavy armaments consisting about two anti-aircraft guns, three mortar launchers on both the Flight Deck and Battle Deck, and a wide range of combat vehicles such as SS Fighters and SG Fighters, it is a formidable fortress. However, if its Repulsor Lift fails for any reason the base can lose balance and collapse from it's orbit.


In Episode 18, Hiroya Fujimiya, the human form of Ultraman Agul, had almost forced all of the base's systems to fail in response to his warnings of humans being the world's end from Crisis. In Episode 27, the base was under attack by Crisis Ghost virus. However, Atsuko had managed to kill it via her "gaming skills".

Battle against Mokian and Aerial Base's Ultimate Destruction

When the 333-meter-long Mokian, Shinigami's servant was sent to destroy the Earth by using its single pole (Monopole) and cause all land surfaces of Earth to combine, causing worldwide disasters. After receiving the warning and the future effects, Commander Ishimuro immediately issued DefCon 1 and ordered all Fighter Teams to launch. Within unknown number of minutes, Team Lightning, Falcon, Crow launched from the Aerial Base. Within minutes all of the operational crew sped up their work and alarms and announcement were echoing around the base. At last, the 600-meter-long carrier left its resting place and confronted face-to-face with Mokian. However, despite Aerial Base's enormous firepower with its fighters, the flying Kaiju was unscathed. When it was Mokian's turn to attack, it first used a purple electric shock (similar to EMP) to disable the nine fighters. Then, the Kaiju revealed its four "spikes" on its "wings" end and unleashed a barrage of energy spikes at the Aerial Base. After the attack, the base was heavily damaged with all of its control towers demolished. The weapons on board were still operational and the onboard computer had already begun closing the pressure doors in the damaged areas. Commander Ishimuro then ordered everyone to evacuate the base by using the remaining operational vehicles (Peace Carry, Dolphin Liner, etc), except himself. Gamu gave him his personal AI PAL to navigate the ship in order to lure Mokian away from Earth, using the reverse Repulsor Lift. After leading Mokian back to the Earth's atmosphere the reversed Repulsor Lift suddenly failed to operate due to the damage from the previous barrage. When Mokian began moving back down to Earth, Commander Ishimuro declared a shocking final strategy to destroy the Kaiju: a Kamikaze attack. Everyone in XIG were shocked that the reason he purposely stayed behind in the ship was to perform a Kamikaze attack. In order to prevent the commander from doing this, Gamu transformed into Ultraman Gaia and attempted to defeat Mokian. Ultraman Gaia fired a beam at Mokian and successfully destroyed its entire left wings. However, when Ultraman Gaia began to fire another beam, Mokian's "mouth" opened up and revealed its real eye. The eye fired a high power energy projectile at the Ultraman. It then used its tentacles to capture Ultraman Gaia and torture him with purple high voltage electric shock. In a futile attempt to save Ultraman Gaia, the commander ordered PAL to use the remaining guns to attack the Mokian. The attack was obviously ineffective. In turn, Mokian returned a few energy projectiles fired from its eye at the already-crippled Aerial Base, further damaging it. When the ship's computer finally warned about the Repulsor Lift's overheat and was about to explode in about 45 seconds, Commander Ishimuro gave the final command in the Aerial Base: "Just charge directly into that thing!". Aerial Base rammed its entire body into the Kaiju, destroying the Kaiju along with the ship itself. Commander Ishimuro was then seen in the exploding bridge yelling "arghhhh!!!" before "dying". Fortunately, the commander was being saved by Gaia and was brought back to Earth. Gamu and the commander was then picked up by the Peace Carry and was then moved to the temporary base for XIG, in Geo Base. After the destruction of Aerial Base, PAL was confirmed to have survived and had transported itself back into the EX Fighter. 

The New Aerial Base

In the "Gaia Again" OV sequel, it is heard that the Aerial Base 2 is nearing completion.


  • Aerial Base is similar to the SHIELD Helicarrier from the Marvel Comics Universe.
  • The scene when Aerial Base was being destroyed was actually a recording by one of GUARD's satellites. This was later revealed in episode 48, when the crew of XIG and officer Tatsumi Chiba were watching the playback of Aerial Base's destruction on a screen, in the temporary base for XIG.
  • The Aerial Base was being inspired by the Cloud Base from the 1967 Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet TV series.