"Tonight, I present for your amusement... the death of Rena Sayama! And when that's done... I'll slaughter everyone else for an encore!"

Adad 2011
Home world: Planet Scruda
First appearance: TBA
Latest appearance: TBA
Height: 194 Cm
Weight: 107 Kg
Category: Alien
Affiliation: Star Cluster Alliance
Mephisto Ambassador (Direct Superior)
Roar(s): N/A
 Adad (アダド Adado) is an alien that appears in the 2011 Manga. He is an Alien Scruda (スクルーダ星人 Sukurūda Seijin).


An agent of the Star Cluster Alliance, Adad was sent to Earth to perform several very important missions, among them, searching for the lost genius Yapool and monitor the being known as Bemular.

Despite being an agent of the Alliance, he is not well trusted, due to his unorthodox behavior. He sometimes behaves with no concern for his mission and his orders.

Adad first revealed himself at a Rena Sayama concert, breaking a man's neck before appearing on stage, where he explained that he planned on killing Rena, and then everyone else "as an encore." Shinjiro and Moroboshi responded in their Ultraman Suits, causing the crowd to think it was a publicity stunt, where they fought the alien to a standstill until Bemular arrived.

When Alien Igaru arrived to protect Rena, Adad stopped the battle, allowing Bemular to leave and revealing that the entire thing was staged to draw out Pigmon, last survivor of Planet Igaru. The floating mines he had set up before, which hovered over the crowd's head, were revealed to be projectors, which he used to reveal the truth, that Aliens were living peacefully on Earth and that the murders were perpetrated by humans, who had befriended and used Pigmon to kill any naysayers of Rena, and in jealousy had put a bounty on Ultraman (Shinjiro). Adad Slew Pigmon on stage, before teleporting away. Edo stopped Moroboshi from stopping him, due to Adad revealing his position as an agent of the Star Cluster Council.

He later appeared before his superior to be given a new mission.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Adad is strong enough to rival Moroboshi in his Ultraman Suit, and can break a human neck with ease.
  • Agility: Adad is able to jump high into air.
  • Combat Staff: Adad wields a combat staff that can counter Moroboshi's Specium Blade.
  • Knife: Adad also bears a combat knife
  • Disguise: Adad is able to disguise himself as a human.


  • Voice actor: Kazuhiko Inoue (Motion comic)
  • Adad is clearly a homage to Dada.
    • Further tying into this idea, the original Dada was an 'Agent' sent by his people on a mission
    • More obviously, Adad is Dada spelled backwards.
  • Adad speaks in an eloquent way, but has a cruel streak and mocks others.
  • Adad's species are warlike due to having inferior physical abilities to most of the aliens in the Ultra Series. Adad himself was subject to genetic manipulation procedures to increase his combat ability. He was the first to undergo this procedure.
  • Adad's full title is Agent Adad of the Immagration Administration Beurau under the Star Cluster Council.
  • Adad is 271 years old during the story.


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