Nebula M78 Universe
Akiko Fuji
Manga Fuji
Gender: Female
Age: 60+
Home world: Earth (ULTRAMAN Manga Universe)
First appearance: TBA
Last appearance: TBA
Number of appearances TBA
Type: Ally
Family None
Affiliation SSSP
Portrayed by None
A former member of the original Science Special Search Team with Hayata and Ide, but is now Moroboshi's superior officer.


A member of the original SSSP during the time when Ultraman was active on Earth, like the other members of her team, she was aware of Shin's prior merger with Ultraman.

She presumably stayed with the SSSP as it became a secret organization, and at present serves a leading role in the organization, being Moroboshi's superior.

Skill and Abilities

  • SSSP Training: Fuji previously served as a member of the SSSP and thus received all the needed training. However it present, her role is not front line.

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