Akitoshi Ohtaki
Akitoshi Ohtaki
Born: December 18, 1963
Occupation: Actor, Swordsman, Suit Actor
Years active: 1990 - present
Spouse: N/A
Website: N/A
Akitoshi Ohtaki (大滝 明利 Ōtaki Akitoshi?) is a Japanese actor, swordsman and suit actor. He played Seiichi Munakata in Ultraman Tiga and he later portrayed Zoffy in Ultraman Neos in voice and suit. He also portrayed as Daigo's superior in Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers.


  • Ultraman Tiga: Seiichi Munakata
  • Ultraman Dyna: Seiichi Munakata
  • Ultraman Tiga: The Final Oddysey: Seiichi Munakata
  • Ultraman Neos: Zoffy (voice and suit)
  • Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers: Daigo's superior


  • His character Munakata was meant to drink alcohol but due to Akitoshi is a teetotaler, thus said trait was forced to be passed to the character.

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