Akuzone Leader
Home world: Akuzone Dimension
First appearance: Ultraman 80: Episode 26: Shadow Warriors in the Time Tunnel
Latest appearance: None
Height: 2 m
Weight: 70 kg
Category: Kaijn
Affiliation: Gera
Roar(s): N/A
The Akuzone (アクゾーン Akuzōn?) people are from a different dimension and control the monster Gera. They first appeared in Episode 26 of Ultraman 80.

Subtitle: Dimensional person (異次元人 I jigen hito?)


  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Origin: Akuzone Dimension


Ultraman 80

The Akuzone were people that wanted to take control as many dimensions as possible and one day they came to a heaven Japan like dimension known as Yomi and kidnapped Yomi's princess. Then one day when Takeshi Yamato and Emi Jouno were monitoring the skies of Tokyo a inter-dimensional portal summoned by the Akuzone leader sucking the U.G.M. team into Yomi. Akuzone then hears about his portal sucking people in and sent the Akuzone troops to kill them.

Then when the Yomi people mistake Emi as the princess, the Akuzone leader hears about this and orders the maker of Gera to hurry and get Gera at a huge size. When Takeshi, Emi and the Yomi people plan to go through and take the princess back then the Akuzone people send the Yomi people to a unknown place using a gun leaving for Emi and Takeshi to believe this is a different dimension. So when the to get past to the Akuzone leader's hideout, the leader sends Gera out to go to different dimensions then Takeshi turns into 80 and stops Gera. In the meantime of them fighting Emi threatens the maker of Gera to bring the people of Yomi back and to end Gera. This finally holds through ending the rein of the Akuzone.


  • They're the first interdimensional beings to appear in the Ultraman series since Yapool.
  • Actors:
    • Leader of the Akuzone: Yuu Ishiyama
    • Dr. Gaige: Koneda Mune Maru

Powers and Weapons

  • Gera: A Kaiju that the Akuzone people controlled.
  • Inter-dimensional travel: The Akuzone people can travel throughout many dimensions.


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