Home world: Planet Baladon
First appearance: The Ultraman Episode 27
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Height: 2.07 m
Weight: 452 kg
Category: Alien
Affiliation: Arstron, Ghostron, Gokinezula, Banila, Aboras, Red King
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Alien Baladon (バラドン星人 Baradon Seijin) were aliens that appeared in The Ultraman.

Powers and Abilities

  • Machine Gun: Alien Baladons can be equipped with a machine gun.


Wondering through space in a ship disguised as an island, the Alien Baladons set their sights for U40 only for the Ultra Warriors to steer them away. However, this caused the sinister invaders to find Earth instead where they touched down in the Pacific close to the United States. The Alien Baladon leader commanded that the island ship make full speed ahead for land while they release their monsters gladiator style. As the Scientific Defense Guard came in, the Alien Baladon commander ordered the release of Arstron and Ghostron along with Gokinezula following shortly. With the three monsters preoccupied with each other, Banila and Aboras were sent out next. As the global defense force sent a squad of jets to attack, the most powerful Baladon monster, Red King was unleashed and trashed the military forces while killing Ghostron and Gokinezula in the process. Choichi and Kei managed to plant a bomb near the ship's core after dodging fire from Alien Baladons. When Ultraman Joneus appeared and was slaying their monsters, the Alien Baladon commander ordered a retreat via a flying saucer just as their island was blowing up. However, shortly after retrieving into space, Joneus and the other seven ultra warriors used their energy rays to obliterate their escape saucer.

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