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Alien Baltan has been featured in various other media.

U​ltra Fight

Baltan fight

Alien Baltan reappeared as simply Baltan in Ultra Fight as one of the more powerful characters. He is seen defeating Ultraseven. His suit, is a new suit due to the original's deterioration.

  • In episode 75 of Ultra Fight, Alien Baltan went out for a walk and then decided to fight Ultraseven when he flew to his location. While Seven initially had the upper hand, Baltan used his illusions to confuse the Ultra. He had him fooled for quite a while, but he eventually overcame them and overpowered the alien until he pushed him off. Afterwards, Baltan decided to fly away and Seven followed suit shortly after.
  • Alien Baltan reappeared in episode 84, where he was flying through the air until he landed on the ground to fight Woo. As their fight progressed, Baltan used his powers to keep Woo at bay and trick him into seeing multiples just like a fly, which left him dizzy and disoriented. Baltan won the fight later on by jabbing him with his pincers until he gave up after teleporting to a new location and flew away satisfied.
  • In episode 88, Alien Baltan bopped Alien Icarus on the head and sent him rolling down a hill as a result. Baltan then proceeded to beat up Icarus until the latter broke free and began to fight back. Baltan proved to be helpless against Icarus' assault and lost after Icarus threw a rock at him when he was down, then hit him on the head three times until he bashed it against a hill, resulting in him getting knocked out.
  • Alien Baltan reappeared in episode 92, where he brutally assaulted Eleking as he was coming down the hill. While Eleking made no attempt to retaliate at first, he eventually gave in and fought back against the alien and yet he was proven to be no match for the alien as he kept on brutally assaulting him. Near the end, however, Eleking finally found the strength to keep up the alien and defeated him by hitting him in the head and knocking him down.
  • In episode 97, Alien Baltan took on Ultraseven on his own. The alien was overpowered by the Ultra at first, even though he did his best to fight back. Next thing Seven knew, Eleking showed up from behind him and held him still, leaving Baltan free to attack him until Seven tricked him into fighting Eleking instead and the alien knocked out the kaiju after a short while. Seven then moved around too fast for Baltan to see, knocked him down, pinned him, then bashed his head against a rock three times before letting him drop to the ground.
  • Alien Baltan reappeared in episode 103, where he squared off against Alien Icarus by himself. During their fight, the two aliens proved to be evenly matched in combat. In the end, Baltan knocked out Icarus by swatting back a big rock that the latter threw at the former. Afterwards, he kicked that same rock, only to have it blocked and returned by Ultraseven, who in turn, knocked out Baltan as that rock hit him in the face, and having him lie on top of Icarus.
  • In episode 107, Alien Baltan appeared to be sleeping, but when Ultraseven showed up, Baltan caught him by surprise by attacking his leg and then assaulted him while he was down. Agira showed up later on to help out Seven only for Baltan to knock him out with a couple of blows to the head. Seven then got back up and got back to fighting Baltan again and were on evenly matched in terms of combat. He then left Agira to finish off the alien, and they spent their time grappling with each other until Baltan knocked Agira out cold again. Afterwards, Seven got angry and chopped off Baltan's pincer claws followed by his head, resulting in the Ultra's victory.
  • Alien Baltan reappeared in episode 110, where he was taking a little snooze on a hill while Telesdon was fighting Ultraseven. Eventually, he decided to interfere in their fight after Telesdon was losing to Seven. As their fight went on, the monstorus duo proved to a challenge for Ultraseven as they took turns tossing him towards each other and beating him up. However, Baltan bonked Telesdon on the head on purpose, which lead to the two of them fighting each other instead. Once they were weakened, Seven took the opportunity to defeat Telesdon and then Baltan, declaring the Ultra the winner.
  • In episode 111, Alien Baltan interfered in a fight between Ultraseven and Alien Godola by knocking away the former and then focused on taking on the latter. While he put up a good fight with him, in the end, Baltan fell to Godola all while Ultraseven stood and watched.
  • Alien Baltan made his final appearance in episode 195, where he teamed up with Eleking, Woo, Kiyla, and Alien Icarus, for one last chance to take down Ultraseven with all combatants using wooden staffs as weapons. Despite the fact that the monsters outnumbered him five to one, the Ultra had the upper hand in the fight in terms of combat. After Seven took out Eleking and Woo, Seven turned his attention towards Baltan and killed him with a bash to the head via his wooden staff.



Alien Baltan redman

Alien Baltan in Redman

Alien Baltan reappeared in Redman with slightly different appearance, being colored with black and yellow spots on his chest.

Alien Baltan first appeared in episode 13 where he fought Jirass until Redman intervened by throwing his Red Arrow near them. From there, the two decided to work together to take down the hero until Redman tricked them into ramming each other, killing them in the process.

Another Alien Baltan appeared in episode 16 where he was walking up a hill with Jirass until Redman appeared and fought them. Despite their improving teamwork, in the end, Alien Baltan decided to run away while Jirass once again met his end at the hands of Redman.


  • Baltan's suit in Redman was reused from Baltan Jr's suit, which was modified from the Baltan's Ultra Fight suit.
  • The Alien Baltan in episode 16 was the only kaiju not to be killed by Redman in the entire series.

Ultra Super Fight

Alien Baltan appeared in Ultra Super Fight. He appeared and destroyed some buildings but was killed by Ultraman. In this series he could launch flammable smoke from his pincers.

Ultraman Kids

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Bal and Alien Guts

An Alien Baltan called Bal appears in the Ultraman Kids anime as a student, and has Alien Guts as a henchman. The two are friendly rivals to the Ultras, but don't get into any serious trouble.

Ultraman Story 0

Story0 Baltan

The Baltan from the Story 0 Manga

In this story, the Baltanians are the evolved forms of the Cicada Men, who were responsible for the runaway biological event caused by their tampering with the Plasma Sun. Their initial goal was the domination of the Universe with their new powers, to that end they engaged in remodeling experiments on entire civilizations and monster, even a few Ultras. They are also responsible for the numerous monsters which plague Earth, having sent clones of the creatures they captured to Earth in an artificial larval form as part of an experiment. In they end they were defeated by Ultraman, whose Specium energy made him poisonous to them.

Their goals of universal conquest was later taken up by the Interstellar Union.


  • The Baltans weakness to Specium is greater here than in their original appearance. Here, Ultraman's mere punch is enough to cause on of them to melt and destroy their gestalt form.

Ultraman The First: Manga

In this retelling of the Original Ultraman Series, the Baltans are again the second opponent Ultraman fought on Earth, but they became the main antagonist of the series. Unlike the TV series one of the Baltans possessed Akiko Fuji and hid in her after the battle. Since then he had watched Shin/Ultraman's battles and the baltans were responsible for the appearance of the other monsters in the series, each being sent to test Ultraman's abilities and fighting style, all the while sending the information to Zetton, their creation in this series. They were also responsible for Jamila's transformation into a Kaiju. At the end of the series Akiko seperates from Alien Baltan, requiring of the two life forces Zoffy had brought with him.


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The second opponent Shinjiro faced was an alien serial killer that resembled a human like mini version of the Baltanians.  The miniature version of the Baltan race proved to be a powerful opponent for him. Instead of an assassin this alien was a serial killer feeding on several humans.

Mega Monster Battle Rush: Ultra Frontier

" Magna: First copies, then Shurikens. What is he anyway ?
Garm: Well, he's a space ninja after all. "

―Magna and Garm as they witness Barel's graceful attacks
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Baltan Battler Barel

An Alien Baltan known as Baltan Battler Barel (バルタンバトラー·バレル Barutan Batoraa Bareru), is set to appear in the new arcade game Mega Monster Battle Rush: Ultra Frontier. He is one of the protagonist of this game. He is voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa.

Barel is stated as one of the survivors of the destroyed Planet Baltan but he didn't follow his races making him raised as a lone warrior. He was selected in an inter-universal game where he will battle kaiju with the gameplay is for the players to fight in human-sized forms and fire the Plasma Souls stones from every monsters to gain points. Barel is teamed with Guts Gunner Garm and rookie Magma Master Magna.

Red King & Neronga Hunting

Alien Mefilas, Djent, sent The Rush Hunters alien team, Baltan Battler Barel, Guts Gunnner Garm and the rookie Magma Master Magna to hunt Red King. Garm first used his cross-shaped laser cannon to topple down a stalagmite to stop it. Later Magna use this as an opening to strike Red King but failed. Red King chased them as Barel splits into three in order to evade the monster's boulder and later use his Shurikens to strike the Plasma shards on it's back. However, still not enough, he uses the monster's stupidity by baiting himself in order for Red King to chase him as it bashes through some stalagmites, destroying all shards on his back. But a single Plasma Soul shard appeared in it's mouth. Magna use this as an opportunity to engage the Force Sabre attack and slashes the Plasma Soul shard in it's mouth but before he could do that, Garm already snipped the shard. Later, he and his teammates hunt Neronga by using Magna as a lightning rod to prevent the monster from feeding lightnings again and Barel hold Neronga of while Garm snipped the whole Plasma Soul shards from it. After the adventures they had, they went back to Hunter Station.

Antlar Hunting

After Barel and his friends' another successful hunt on Eleking, Djent reflashes back on their hunt against Antlar where the team found themselves in a difficulty to destroy it. As Magna being the only one left unharmed, he decided to take on Antlar himself but before he can charge, the Dada Team hunters arrived to destroy Antlar.

Dino-Tank Hunting

During the hunt of Dinosaur Tank Mk.II, Barel and his team realised they were the last one standing. After Magna baited the monster to his team, Barel trapped the monster by creating illusions of himself, giving the rest of them to attack all of its Plasma Shards but as one shard remained, Barel attacked it, causing Dinosaur Tank to lose control, fell in a cliff and exploded.

Verokron Hunting

During the Rush Hunter's hunt on Verokron, the monsters easily overpowered them with endless barrage of warheads. When one of the missile about to hit Magna, suddenly his armor shines and he unintentionally threw the missile in front of him to Verokron. Magna suprised of his new power and Barel and Garm tried to hold off Verokron's missile while Magna reactivated his inner power again as he jumped and backfired one of Verokron's missile back to the monster's mouth, successfully killing it in one blow. Barel and Garm quickly catched him in the mid air and returned to the Hunter Station. Their victory were celebrated by spectators at the Hunters Station with Djent congratulated them. However, the ceremony stopped in the halfway with the awakening of Plasma-Killersaurus, a legendary Plasma monster.

Super-Earth Gomora Hunting The Rush Hunters later sent to kill Super-Earth Gomora. With the combined strategic of sleeping gas traps and their attacks, they managed to win but they found out that their points had been stolen by Jailbreak Hunters, a group of illegitimate hunter team that gain points by stealing from another team. As they about to battle, Alien Mefilas Sickle appeared and apprehended them by imprison them in cards, though he did gave back their points.


  • Due to the fact that they were both announced in the same press show, Barel was originally thought to appear in Ultraman Ginga, as an antagonist. It was suspected that he was the responsible for turning all kaiju and Ultras into figurines followed by Alien Empera until the real mastermind would show up.
  • As both have been announced at the same time a exclusive Baltan Battle Barel Spark Doll was also sold with an attack card used for the game itself.

Ultraman Ball

Alien Baltan Ultra Ball

In Ultraman Ball

He is the fourth and final boss of the game, Ultraman Ball.

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