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Alien Banda
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Home world: Planet Banda
First appearance: Ultraseven episode 38 (mentioned)
Latest appearance: None
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Category: Seijin
Affiliation: Crazygon
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Alien Banda (バンダ星人 Banda Seijin?) were the creators and masters of Crazygon which was mentioned in Ultraseven episode 38.

Subtitle: Plunder Alien (略奪宇宙人 Ryakudatsu Uchūjin?)


  • Height: Unknown 
  • Weight: Unknown 
  • Origin: Planet Banda



They needed more resources such as machinery for their planet so they sent their robot to get more from Earth. However, the Ultra Garrison opposed their creation and after several attempts to destroy it from the outside, they set bombs into cars. When Crazygon came to eat them, the cars exploded inside their base taking them with it. With no one to control it, Crazygon went on rampage, trying to destroy everything until it was brought down by the combined might of the Ultra Garrison and Ultraseven.

Trivia Edit

In the subtitles of the Shout Factory DVD it reads Space Pandas

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Carrier Ship: Alien Banda had a carrier ship that used to store the stolen cars that Crazygon brought.
  • Crazygon: Alien Banda had a giant carrier robot that they used to stole machinery from other planets.
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