Alien Bandel
Home world: Planet Bandel
First appearance: Captain Ultra Episode 1: "The Alien Bandel Invasion" (1967)
Latest appearance: Captain Ultra Episode 12: "The Alien Bandel Destruction Case"
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Category: Seijin
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The Alien Bandel (バンデル星人 Banderu Seijin?) race are the recurring villains of the first half of Captain Ultra.

  • Subtitle: Soft Body Alien (軟体宇宙人 Nantai Uchūjin?)
  • Bandel Egg Subtitle: Strange Organism (怪生物 Kai Seibutsu?)


Throughout the first arc of Captain Ultra, the Bandels continuously try and destroy Captain Ultra, Joe and Hack as well as the rest of the crew of the Silver Star Space Station with they array of Kaiju and rockets. They start life as a eyeball-like Bandel Egg (バンデルエッグ Banderu Eggu?) that then later hatches into fully matured adult Bandel. Their main intentions are to destroy Captain Ultra as he is the main reason they do not succeed. They typically use Gidars to weaken their targets they come in, take some hostages and try to destroy the Silver Star. If any intruders come onto their planet, the Bandels will send out one of their Kaiju to relive the situation. Using their technology, they created a growth ray to become a Giant Bandel (巨人バンデル Kyojin Banderu?).


Bandel Egg
Bandel Eggs

Bandel Eggs

Powers and Abilities

  • Multiplication: Despite not being born yet, the Bandel Eggs can multiple rapidly.
  • Water Pollution: Banded Eggs pollute their habitat to sustain themselves.
  • Evolution: Being the "child" form of the Bandels, The eggs can evolve into their adult form.

Alien Bandel
Alien Bandels

Alien Bandels

Powers and Abilities

  • Forearm Weaponary: As well as their hands, the Bandels have a variety of weapons concealed in their forearms.
    • Electric Ray Pistol: A shot of streamed electric energy.
    • Extendable Hooks: A grabbing tactic for long distance targets.
    • Flame Stream: A stream of flames.
    • Machine Gun: A series of quick-fire, explosive projectile attacks.
    • Detachable Bombs: A detachable explosive.
    • Rifle: Long-ranged wepon
  • Cloaking Gas: A means of disguising themselves. However, this does not make them infallible.
  • Outer-Space Survival: The Bandels can survive the vacuum of space.
  • Size Change Beam: Using a special beam, the Bandels can change from human size to giant size.
  • Teleportation: The Bandels can teleport.
  • Consume: When working together, the Bandels can consume full humans.
  • Distress Signal: If things get out of hand, The Bandels are equipped with a signal that is sent to their saucer for help.
  • Saucer: The ships the Bandels travel in.
    • Missiles: Each ship is equipped with missiles.
  • Bandel Vines: A means of defence to protect their base.
  • Bandel Bats: A secondary means of defence.
    • Knock-out Gas: The bats can use gas to knock-out the intruders.
  • Disguised Para-Scope: A way for the Bandels to track what is happening on the surface.
  • Drill Pod: A means of underground transportation.
    • Missiles: Each is also equipped with missiles
  • Gindars: Umbrella-like pawns.
  • Waldar: The spy rocket.
  • Noselar: The fourth-dimensional satellite.

Giant Bandel
Giant Bandel

Giant Bandel

  • Forearm Weaponary: As well as its hands, the Giant Bandel has a variety of weapons concealed in its forearms.
    • Electric Ray Pistol: A shot of streamed electric energy.
    • Flame Stream: A stream of flames.
    • Machine Gun: A series of quick-fire, explosive projectile attacks.
  • Bandel Vines: A means of defence to protect the inside of its body.


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