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Alien Borg
Home world: Planet Borg
First appearance: Ultraseven Episode 27: "Operation Cyborg" (1968)
Latest appearance: None
Height: 2 ~ 44 m
Weight: 89 kg ~ 21,000 t
Category: Cyborg
Affiliation: Beryudora (Body Part)
Roar(s): TBA

Alien Borg (ボーグ星人, Bōgu Seijin?Borg Star-man) was an alien that appears in the TV series, Ultraseven. He appeared in Episode 27.

Subtitle: Armor Alien (甲冑星人 Katchū Seijin?)


  • Height: 2 ~ 44 m
  • Weight: 89 Kg ~ 21,000 t




One night a fire ball from space landed into a swamp, but nobody noticed it. That morning a space ship rose from underneath the swamp and took a young man's car with his soon-to-be bride escaping, but passed out. The car was stolen using magnetic force by none other than Borg Seijin to learn of Earth's technology and use the man as her puppet. After a few hikers found the woman unconscious the Ultra Garrison was sent to investigate the matter. After checking out the seen tire tracks of the stolen car were tracked into the swamp, adding to the suspicion of alien activity. That night Borg Seijin sent his new slave to infultrate the Ultra Garrion's base. Borg Seijin's slave was soon noticed, but teleported before he could be chased after. Dan tried to secretly track him, but was incapable of doing so. The possessed man was soon found setting charges when he was soon stopped after a brief fight. The charges were detected to be radioactive as the possessed man was sent for medical inspection. After an X-Ray was taken the doctor noticed a strange black spot in his head that was causing the mind control and after he awoke he revealed Borg Seijin's intentions of sabotage and domination. The Ultra Garrison set out in one of their fighters to attack Borg Seijin while his ship was underwater using a powerful bomb that dehydrated the entire lake. With Borg Seijin's ship exposed the Ultra Garrison launched an assault on it. After launching a few charges via parachute Borg Seijin's ship exploded, but he managed to teleport into their base and take back his possessed ma, but Dan shot his medallion before she could do so and fled. Dan turned into Ultraseven and chased him outside to where they both grew gigantic and fought, but Borg Seijin dodged the hero's tackles easily. Ultraseven launched a knock tactic on Borg Seijin and fought him furiously in close range combat, but was beaten down. When Ultraseven dodged his laser Borg Seijin tried to run away, allowing him to be decapitated by the Eye Slugger.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Ship: Alien Borg travels in a space ship that can in case itself in flames, be used like a submarine, and magnetically pull objects into it. In this ship he can also mind control prisoners and give them teleportation that stops Ultras from tracking them.
  • Human Disguise: Alien Borg can disguise himself as a human. While in disguise he can teleport and has a medallion that creates flashes that cause humans to pass out.
  • Growth: Alien Borg can grow from human sized to around that of Ultraseven's.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Alien Borg can jump high into the air.
  • Laser: Alien Borg can fire a white laser from the "fin" between his eyes.


If his medallion is destroyed Alien Borg will be unable to mind control his prisoners.


Toy Release InfomationEdit

Alien Borg was released in the Ultra Monster Series. He stands at 6in. He has three points of articulation and he is very accurate top the shows.


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