"Oh, Gai-kun! Your service of death has arrived!"

―Alien Gapiya Sadeath[1]
Alien Gapiya
Snapshot 1 (2-12-2017 4-44 PM)
Home world: Planet Gapiya
First appearance: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds! (2017)
Latest appearance: None
Height: 1.9 ~ 50 m
Weight: 190 kg ~ 30,000 t
Category: Seijin
Affiliation: Dark Alien Army
Mulnau (Employer)
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Alien Gapiya (ガピヤ星人 Gapiya Seijin?) is an alien race that makes an appearance in the 2017 movie, Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds!.

Subtitle: Amazing Mechanical Alien (奇機械宇宙人 Ki Kikai Uchūjin?)


Chapter 2: "I am the Migration Bird of Galaxy" arc

Alien Gapiya Sadeath met Gai several thousands years ago, during one of Gai's journeys on his second mission to collect the four elements for the Orbcalibur. Serving as the bodyguard to Count Orlock in Planet Ganun Api, Sadeath faced Gai when he tried to foil Orlock's scheme until his employer accidentally awakened Gora after detonating his own mine. Gai defeated Sadeath and the latter seemingly died by falling into a volcano.

Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds!

Sadeath (サデス Sadesu?) is one of the aliens that appeared in the movie.

Eager for a rematch, Sadeath worked as Mulnau's bodyguard, facing Gai with full enigmatism. Later on, he would become giant forcing Gai to transform into Ultraman Orb. Alien Gapiya would then fight Ultraman Orb in his Burnmite and Hurricane Slash forms when Alien Guts, Alien Hipporito, and Alien Temperor showed up and attacked the Ultra with their signature attacks and took them hostage on Mulnau's orders, leaving Sadeath frustrated. He then fired at Ultraman Orb and Ultraman X when they were about to finish off Deavorick and he soon went up against Ultraman Orb's Thunder Breaster, and defeats him after Deavorick turned X into jewelry. Orb later returns as Orb Trinity and quickly defeats him using the Trinitium Break. Later on, Sadeath restored himself and targeted Orb with Deavorick's built-in cannon, and managed to defeat him again until Ultraseven arrived. He fights Ultraseven and loses. Eventually he switched his target back to Orb but is now not a match for him, and uses the Final Boost Charge on Deavorick's cannon, only for it to be overwhelmed by the Trinitium Light Ring and had himself sliced in half, putting an end to him for good.



Alien "Gapia".

  • Voice actor: Koichi Yamadera
    • Alongside Shingo Yanagisawa who portrayed Ittetsu Shibukawa in Ultraman Orb, Koichi Yamadera was also among the Japanese dub actor of Ultraman: Towards the Future, voicing Lloyd Wilder. Yamadera was also excited to participate in the Ultra Series for the first time since Towards the Future. Although initially nervous with his character, Kiyotaka Taguchi encouraged him to put ad-libs into his line, which was also practiced by the other alien roles in said movie.[2]
  • The original magazine scan spelt the alien race's name as Alien Gapia (ガピア星人 Gapia Seijin?), differentiated by its last katakana letter.
  • Sadeath, an by extension the whole Gapiya race marks the first alien race whose suit is newly-made in the Heisei Era, with the last one being Fanegon People.
    • Compared to the latter, whereas Fanegon People is a momentarily modified suit, Sadeath is newly built. The last alien whose suit was newly built Alien Rayblood from nine years prior (2008).
  • Sadeath's name is a combination of the English words "sadist" and "death", as well as the Japanese for "discrimination" (差別 Sabetsu?).
  • Sadeath has a somewhat eccentric personality, calling Gai "Gai-kun".
  • Sadeath is the first enemy which Orb faces in his Thunder Breaster form and eventually got defeated.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Planet Gapiya
Powers and Weapons


Alien Gapiya Sadeath (Cyborg)


  • Height: 1.9 ~ 50 m
  • Weight: 190 kg ~ 30,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Gapiya
Powers and Weapons
  • Resistance: Sadeath's body can withstand any assault. However, his head is the only exception. Should he be attacked there, it will cause him great pain.
  • Reformation: Should Sadeath's body sustain any damage, the injured area will heal almost immediately. Even when his body is completely destroyed, he will still be able to reformed, although it takes a period of time to recover it.
  • Size Change: Sadeath can grow to a giant size at will.
  • Gapiya Snake: (ガピヤ・スネイク Gapiya Suneiku?): An arm cannon which mounted on his right arm, it is Sadeath's main weapon of choice.
  • Sadeastein: (サデステイン Sadesutein?): A combat sword.
  • Galactica Sadeathfaction (ギャラクティカ・サデスファクション Gyarakutika Sadesufakushon?): A flying punch attack.
  • Docking: Sadeath is capable of docking both of his arms into Deavorick as part of its mouth cannon attack.
  • Strength: Sadeath is strong enough tod defeat Orb in his Thunder Breaster form.


Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds!


Ultraman Fusion Fight!


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