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Alien Godola
Hs Ultrsvn Aln Gdl
Home world: Planet Godola
First appearance: Ultraseven episode 4 "Max, Acknowledge"
Latest appearance: Shin Ultraman Retsuden Episode 19: "Max Acknowledge! Seven vs Alien Godola" (2013)
Height: 2 ~ 47 m
Weight: 89 kg ~ 29,000 t
Category: Seijin
Affiliation: Alien Pegassa (Partner)
Beryudora (Body Part)
Roar(s): TBA

Alien Godola (ゴドラ星人, Godora Seijin?Godola Star-people), also known as Alien Godora, are a race of aliens that appeared in Ultraseven episode 4 ,"Max, Acknowledge". They also appeared in Ultra Fight, Ultra Super Fight, and Heisei Ultraseven episode 2.

Subtitle: Anti-Gravity Alien (反重力宇宙人, Han Jūryoku Uchūjin?)


  • Height: 2 ~ 47 m
  • Weight: 89 Kg ~ 29,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Godola




The Japanese Self Defense Force began detecting alien activity out at sea and requested the help of two UG members to help them. As they fell into the Alien Godola's trap and were sent into Earth's orbit, Dan was knocked out by one of Alien Godola's agents who he thought was a girl with car trouble and had his Ultra Eye taken like before. The Captain and two Ultra Garrison members with a third shortly joining were introduced to the Alien Godola himself and his many agents. After disguising himself as an Ultra Garrison member he went to Earth to plant a bomb in Ultra Garrison's base and encapsulated Dan so he could further infiltrate the base as him. The Alien Godola then proceeded to insert a bomb inside the base that would blow it up. After one of the agents came back to taunt him, who happened to be the same one that knocked him out, he shot his gun onto a locket he was given that an alien Godola was taunting him with, using the sparks to destroy the capsule and allow him to gain his Ultra Eye back, turning into Ultraseven. After finishing the agent with the Emelium Mini-Shot Ultraseven proceeded to defeat their leader who was disguised as Dan and even managed to damage his head with the Eye Slugger. Ultraseven chased him to a beach where Alien Godola revealed himself and went to full size. Alien Godola at first had the upper-hand, but Ultraseven soon knocked him off of his feet. Knowing he couldn't defeat the hero, Alien Godola tried to flee, but Ultraseven used the Emelium Ray to finish him. Ultraseven headed into space to the battleship with the bomb. The Godola leader was initially going to use it on the Ultra Garrison's base, planting it on the battleship as Ultraseven engaged the remaining Godola agents guarding the ship. Ultraseven managed to defeat the agents with Ultra Chops, Ultra Kicks, Emerium Beams, and Handshake Rays and saved the captain and Ultra Garrison members as the bomb went off.


Heisei UltrasevenEdit


Alien Godora in Heisei Ultraseven

This alien reappeared in the Heisei Ultraseven series as a partner in crime with Alien Pegassa . The Ultra Garrison had gone to their base to destroy it and gather the Omega Files, the most top secret information collected by mankind, said to even include some of the secrets of the universe. Their reason for this was because several Godola and Pegassa aliens had infiltrated the TDF meaning it was no longer safe. While they had planted the bombs Alien Godola had trapped them using a Neural Wave, placing each in a dream world that either a dream world or personal hell that used their most profound beliefs and personality traits against them. While they were saved by Kazimori, the captain forcibly awoke himself from his paradise where his wife was still alive. Said man chased after the alien who had stolen the Omega Files and cornered him at a cliff behind the base. After a short standoff the two fired with the captain blasting a whole straight through the alien. The aliens body disappeared leaving behind the Omega Files' disk to be recovered.


  • Voice actor: Daisuke Gori
  • In Heisei Ultraseven Alien Godola can't Change size and Fly.

Ultraman GingaEdit

Alien Godola reappeared in Ultraman Ginga as a Spark Doll. In episode 7, him along with many different monsters are seen cheering on Ultraman Ginga as he fights Dark Galberos.

It is likely that Godola returned to Earth in his original form after Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Human Disguise: Alien Godola can disguise himself as any human he comes into contact with.
    • Durability: Upon taking a disguise, the outer shell allows them to survive from even the sharpest projectile, such as Seven's Eye Slugger.
  • Telekenetic Gas: Alien Godola has special red gas that allows him to surround objects like battleships into a telekinetic force field. This force field also contains a sufficient supply of air when in space. He also has a smaller clear version of this gas in his right claw that can morph into a large capsule to capture enemies.
    • Freezing Capsule: Alien Godola can spray a liquid from his claws that can encase an enemy in a capsule.
  • Ultra See Through: Alien Godola can see through the disguises of Ultras.
  • Energy Rings: Alien Godola can fire energy rings from the hole on his right claw designed for forcefully moving objects and stunning enemies.
  • Teleportation: Alien Godola can teleport from Ultra Garrison's base to as far away as Earth's orbit.
  • Size Change: Like his nemesis, Ultraseven, Godola can change his size into giant.
  • Flight: Alien Godola can fly at moderate speeds. This also allows him to jump high into the air.

Other MediaEdit

Ultra FightEdit


Alien Godola in Ultra Fight

This Alien reappeared in Ultra Fight as a character that differs from many others due to his teleport ability.
  • In episode 95, it was revealed that he was the one who killed Alien Goron, who was fighting Ultraseven at the time, and then decided to fight the Ultra himself. After the two of them fought on for a while, Seven won the fight by tricking the alien into knocking himself out.

He was seen once fighting Telesdon near a pool of acid. He also Changed his name to only "Godola", with a subtitle of "Space Ninja", which coincidentally is the subtitle of one of his opponents: Alien Baltan.


Ultra Monster SeriesEdit

  • Alien Godola

Alien Godola was released 4 times in the Ultra Monster Series. All of the figuers have 3 points of articulation like most aliens in the series. For coloring, most have silver hands like in the Ultra Fight version and one has black hands like the Ultraseven version, most are also fade in color and is 6in tall. In 2013,

Ultra Monster 500Edit

  • Img01
    Alien Godola (2013)
    • Release Date: 29th of June, 2013
    • ID Number:06

Alien Godola is released as one of the Ultra Monster 500 series as a spark doll. He has two points of articulation and has darker colors but, makes the white ridges more black than white. He also has white hands and stands at 5in tall. The figure is complatible to the DX Ginga Spark.


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