Alien Godomess
Alien Godomesu I
Home world: Godomess Planet
First appearance: Dinosaur Task Force Koseidon Episode 1: "Go Koseidon, Challenge from the Cretaceous"
Latest appearance: Dinosaur Task Force Koseidon Episode 28: "Decisive Battle, Shoot the Godomess Emperor"
Height: 2.1 m
Weight: 75 kg
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Introduced after Izenborg flew into space for training, the Alien Godomess (ゴドメス星人 Gogomesu Seijin?) people traveled to Prehistoric Japan to invest in Earth's untouched and unspent natural resources.


  • Height: 2.1 m
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Origin: Godomesu Planet


After the defeat of Mao Grottes at the robotic hands of Izenborg, the Godomess Aliens figured out that Earth had the greatest potential for powering their weapons. So to conquer present day Earth, they went to Prehistoric Earth! However, the Dinosaur Task Force also had the secrets of time traveling and rushed to stop the alien invaders. After multiple defeats at the hands of Koseidon, the aliens finally gave up as a meteor was heading straight for the planet!

Powers and Abilities

  • Laser guns: Being from space, the Godomesu can fire lasers from hand held pistols.
  • Dinosaur Mind Control: Although very limited, the aliens can take over the mind of saurians and cause them to be mindless slaves.
  • Whip/Swords: A homage to Dinosaur Mao Gottes, the aliens all have whip-like swords.


  • There is some question on whether or not these aliens are the same species as Dinosaur Leader Gottes and his wife, Demon Woman Zobina.
  • After almost 30 years of not being reconized, one Godomesu alien appeared in an Ultraman Land Stage Show. Here, he was a lower ranking alien, didn't have the armor of his superiors, and was friends with Ultraman Nice and Pigmon. He was humiliated by Ultraman Dyna and was killed by Gregorl-Man.


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