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Alien Mefilas Fighting with Redman

Alien Mefilas reappeared in episodes 22, 23, 25 and an unknown episode of the series, Redman. He teamed up with Gomora several times.

Alien Mefilas first appeared in episode 22 where he fought Woo at first, but when Redman showed up, they decided to work together to fight the hero, and they had the advantage at first, but the hero never gave up and eventually he turned the tables against them and killed them both by throwing his Red Knifes at their chests.

Alien Mefilas reappeared in episode 23 where he teamed up with Gomora to take down Redman. They proved to be very strong fighting together against the hero but they eventually got killed when he charged at them with his Red Arrows and impaled them on the chests.

Mefilas hiding in the bushes in Redman.

The alien's final appearance on the show was In episode 25, when he fought Redman alone on a mountain after he sneaks up on him while the hero was patrolling that particular area. The two were evenly matched against each other but eventually, Mefilas was killed by Redman's Red Knife when he tricked him into impaling himself.


  • The Mefilas suit in Redman was reused from attractions.
    • It looked slightly different from the original suit, having a longer face and his hips painted white.

Ultra Zone

Alien Mefilas reappeared in episodes 2, 17, and 18 of the variety show, Ultra Zone.

Alien Mefilas is the alien of the segment "Kaiju English," in episode 2. During the segment it is stated where he came from as well as other miscellaneous facts. It also states that he has an I.Q. of over 10,000 and that he hates violence (evident by the role he plays in his first appearance.)

Alien Mefilas appears in the 2-part episode segment "Table of Alien Mefilas," in which he invites several pedestrians to have lunch with him.


Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001

Alien Mefilas appeared in the crossover title Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001.

His appearance in the storyline is very similar to his first appearance in the original Ultraman. However there are several differences:

  • Mefilas at one point uses the revived Baltan II to communicate with humans.
  • Clones of Baltan II and Zarab are used instead of just one for each.
  • The revived Kemur is not present.
  • Fuji's role is replaced by that of Anne of the Ultra Garrison and Annie from Toei's Space Sheriff Shaider.
  • Ultraseven and Ultraman Jack are present in the battle.

Video Games

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

"Greetings, Ultraman Cosmos. I am Mefilas, the one who plots to destroy the Earth. Since you are a nuisance to our plans, I have kept you in this hyperspace, so you can't go any further to destroy our plans. (Spawning EX Tyrant) I also have a present for you, have fun ! (Mefilas disappears)"

―Mefilas upon trapping Cosmos in Hyperspace via Chaos Waroga
Alien Meph FER

Alien Mefilas, as seen in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

Alien Mefilas reappeared as the main antagonist in the video game, Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth.

In the video game's story mode, Alien Mefilas works alongside Alien Baltan to conquer the earth. In their conquest, both aliens being experimenting with several monsters, transforming them into their EX modes. (Including Red King, Gomora, Eleking, and Tyrant) as well as infecting them with Chaos Organism. Also assisting them is Geronimon, who helps them by reviving any dead monsters whenever either alien requires help.

Once Geronimon is killed by Ultraman and Alien Baltan is killed by Ultraseven, Alien Mefilas reveals himself to Ultraman and Ultraman Cosmos as the mastermind behind the plot. Mefilas then releases the Chaosroids on M78 to cause more havoc, but they are eventually destroyed by the Ultra Brothers. In a last ditch effort, Mefilas merges with the revived Neo Chaos Darkness to take the planet for himself. Even after transforming into "Neo Chaos Darkness II" Ultraman Cosmos and the Ultra Brothers work together to destroy Neo Chaos Darkness. Ultraman Cosmos then approaches Mefilas and warns him not to risk going any further with his plans now that he has been defeated and Mefilas wisely leaves, not wishing to be killed like the rest of those in his plot.

Ultraman Ball

Alien Mefilas Ultra Ball

In Ultraman Ball

He appeared in the game, Ultraman Ball.

Super Hero Generations

Alien Mefilas appeared in the crossover game Super Hero Generations as an enemy Commander. In this universe, the Ultramen, Kaiju and Seiju can assume the size of normal humans. This universe is a crossover including Mobile Suit Gundam and Kamen Rider characters.

Mega Monster Rush: Ultra Frontier



Alien Mefilas Djent

Alien Mefilas Djent (メフィラス星人ジェント Mefirasu Seijin Jento) appeared in the Mega Monster Rush: Ultra Frontier. He is a commander of the Rush Hunters, observing each of their game. He also becomes a narrator at the ending of the series.

In his past, he was revealed to be a member of the Seven Star Sword, a group of seven legendary aliens that had saved the whole galaxy and earning the nickname Legendary Giant (伝説の巨星 Densetsu no kyosei).

Super-Earth Gomora Hunting

Djent made his first move when he witnessed his team had won in their game against Super Earth Gomora but having their winning prize being stolen by the Jailbreak Hunters. After the illegitimate team being captured by Sickle, another Alien Mefilas, he and his team returned to the hunter station.

  • Voice: Fujinuma Kento


Mefilas Sickle

Alien Mefilas Sickle

Alien Mefilas Sickle (メフィラス星人シックル Mefirasu Seijin Shikkuru) appeared in the Mega Monster Rush: Ultra Frontier. He is a member of the Guild Guard, and Djent's rival in the past. He also earned the nickname Jet-black Observer (漆黒の監視者 Shikkoku no kanshi-sha).

Super-Earth Gomora Hunting

After he witnessed the Jailbreak Hunters, a illegitimate group of alien hunters that gain points by stealing a team's point, he was sent to arrest them after they stole the Rush Hunter's points that they received from hunting Super-Earth Gomora. After imprisoned them in the cards, he walked away but not before he briefly met his old rival, Djent.



Haitai Nanafa

Haitai kaijuu

Alien Temperor and Mefilas in Haitai Nanafa

A moe anthropomorphism of Alien Mefilas appears in episode 20 of anime Haitai Nanafa. She's voiced by Sakura Nakamura.


Ultraman (novel)

A reimagination novel of the original series, Alien Mefilas is described to have allied with multiple aliens, a leftover plan from the original series which was scrapped.

Ultraman F

Mefilas and Fuji novel

Alien Mefilas was mentioned in this novel, since it was made as an alternate interpretation of Ultraman a year after the series ended.

It was revealed that during his kidnapping on Fuji, Mefilas administered her with a set of nanobots called Mefilas Bots, resulting the woman to be brainwashed as the infamous Giant Fuji.

A year later, his nanobots still remained in her body and this becomes one of the contributing plot to the series. Hayata's radiation of Ultra Pattern activated the nanobots, allowing her to stop Ide and Inpei Seant's Giant Soldiers from running amok. She would soon use her innate powers to become Giant Soldier F and finally transform into an Ultra named Ultraman F.


  • According to Ide, the total of nanobots inside her body are 80 x 1016.