Alien Messie
Home world: Unknown
First appearance: Return of Ultraman episode 45 "Assasinate Hideki Go!" (1972)
Latest appearance: None
Height: 1.8 ~ 50 m
Weight: 80 kg ~ 20,000 t
Category: Alien
Affiliation: Robonez (Creation)
Alien Cygnus-61 (Slave)
Roar(s): TBA

Alien Messie (メシエ星雲人 Meshie Seiunjin? lit. "Messie Nebula People") was an alien that appeared in episode 45 of Return of Ultraman.

Subtitle: Electromagnetic-wave Phantom (電磁波怪人 Denjiha Kaijin?)


  • Height: 1.8 ~ 50 m
  • Weight: 80 kg ~ 20,000 t
  • Origin: Messie Nebula


Return of Ultraman

Alien Messie was the master of Alien Cygnus-61, who in turn controlled Robonez. Alien Messie dosed Goh with some poison while disguised as a doctor. After he did that, he grew to giant size and destroyed several nearby buildings. Alien Messie then carried two of his slaves as hostages so that MAT couldn't attack. Goh transformed into Ultraman Jack, who used a few beams and punches to weaken the alien, before using the Ultra Bracelet to kill Alien Messie.


  • Alien Messie's roar is actually the Toho King Kong's roar.

Powers and Weapons

  • Energy Beam: Messie can fire a missile-strength beam of energy from his forehead. It is white colored when giant sized and green colored when human sized.
  • Size Change: When needed, Messie can change his size from that of a man to that of a giant monster at will.
  • Human Disguise: When on Earth, Messie can disguise himself as a human to blend in with society.


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