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"I am Alien Reiblood. I rule the entire universe. I shall give you the power you seek."

―Reiblood to Ultraman Belial.
Alien Reiblood
Reiblood info
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Home world: Planet Reiblood
First appearance: Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle episode 12
Latest appearance: Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie
Actor/Voice actor: Masaharu Sato (NEO)
Masahiro Chono (UG Movie)
Suit actor: Unidentified
Status: Alive, lives within Ultraman Belial
Affiliation: Reionyx (heirs)
Ultraman Belial (Pupil)
Roar(s): N/a

Alien Reiblood (レイブラッド星人 Reiburaddo Seijin? Reiblood Star-man) also known as "Alien Raybrad" is an alien that appeared in the TV series, Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle. He appeared in Episode 12 of that series and the main antagonist, responsible for creating the Reionyx (レイオニクス Reionikusu?). Alien Reiblood is perhaps equally powerful alien to Alien Empera, if not stronger. He currently lives through Ultraman Belial.

Subtitle: Ultimate Life Form (究極生命体 Kyūkyoku no Seimei-tai?)


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown, Planet Reiblood
  • Attack: 1400
  • Defense: 900
  • Speed: 1200


Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle - Pre-HistoryEdit

Although not physically seen with a prominent role, Reiblood's first mention and appearance was seen in the second-to-last episode of the original Ultra Galaxy series. He is stated by Kate to be the creator of all Reibloods and Reionyx across the universe and that he has lived longer than any previous villain in the Ultra series, surpassing the likes of Juda, Yapool, and Alien Empera. Sometimes thousands of years ago, Reiblood's body was destroyed, but his genes spread across the universe, creating the Reibloods and Reionyx in hopes of determining who would be his successor by making them battle one another to the death.

It was stated by Kate in the following series, that it was Reiblood, who, as just a spirit, turned Ultraman to stone and imprisoned him on the world where the first series took place.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending OdysseyEdit

It is revealed in the sequel series to the original Ultra Galaxy that Alien Reiblood was still alive, having been sealed deep within Planet Hammer for ancient unspeakable crimes and during the Reionyx Battle. Upon regaining enough power to escape. Reiblood called out to Reimon, to approach him. Upon entering the depths of the planet, Rei is confronted by Armored Mefilas, whom Reiblood had brought forth to test Rei's strength. Impressed by Rei's abilities after Mephilas was defeated, Reiblood finally revealed himself to Rei in hopes of persuading his Reiblood offspring to become his successor. Rei however refused and Reiblood chose to deal with Rei personally, possessing a newly revived Armored Darkness and commanding him to attack Rei. Despite easily pummeling Rei's Gomora as Armored Darkness, Grande and Red King appeared as well, having followed Rei and ultimately Alien Reiblood is destroyed by the combined efforts of EX Gomora and EX Red King.

Reiblood's soul however wasn’t finished yet. As the ZAP SPACY was escaping Planet Hammer as it was imploding, Alien Reiblood spirit emerged from the black hole that was the planet to attempt to pull them back to their deaths. However the spirit was ultimately stopped by the combined forces of Ultraman and Ultraseven as the two ultras fired a Specium and a Wide Shot, destroying the core of Reiblood's spirit.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.Edit

Reiblood movie

Alien Reiblood's appearance in the Ultra Galaxy film.

Alien Reiblood reappeared in the film, Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

Although defeated in the current timeline of the film, Reiblood was still alive and appeared to Ultraman Belial prior to the events in the film. It is told by Hibino Mirai that after Belial was banished from the Land of Light for tampering with the Plasma Spark, Alien Reiblood appeared before the Ultra and fused with him, transforming him into the powerful, evil Ultra he is now.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Genetic Manipulation: Alien Reiblood was able to spread his genes across the galaxy in hopes of finding an ideal successor to him.
  • Astral Form: Being primarily a spirit, Reiblood can alter his size to any lengths. In spirit form he was able to overpower Ultraman and perform various other acts.
    • Black Hole Creation: Reiblood created a Black Hole to consume the whole of Planet Hammer.
    • Shadow Hand: Reiblood can create a large hand-shaped shadow energy construct to drag opponents to their death. The hand also had an attracting effect.
    • Pocket Dimension: Reiblood dwelled within a pocket dimension located on Planet Hammer. He could opened the portal to this realm at will, and hold back any he did not wish to enter.
    • Possession: Alien Reiblood can merge his spirit with monsters and beings to both control and empower them for his own purposes.
    • Reanimate: Alien Reiblood was able to reanimate and control Armored Darkness.


  • Meta Reionyx (メタレイオニクス Meta Reionikusu?): Alien Reiblood summons Zetton and forced the monster to endlessly fire 1 Trillion Degree Fireballs to the point of exhaustion.
  • Reionyx Prison (レイオニクスプリズン Reionikusu Purizun?): Reiblood can exhale a mist that temporarily confuse the opponent.
    • Dark Nova (ダークノヴァ Dāku Nova?): A tag-team attack made with Ultraman Belial. Reiblood exhales the Reionyx Prison while Belial took this opportunity to launch an energy beam attack towards the target.
  • Reionic Fusion (レイオニックフュージョン Reionikku Fyūjon?): Under possession of Reiblood, Armored Darkness can fire his own version of Giga Rezolium Ray called the Reionic Fusion, which was said to be the combination of the armor's energy with his Reionic energy. This cannot be considered as a tag-team combination, since at that time, Reiblood is assumed as the player themselves and Armored Darkness is only present as part of Reiblood's attack.
  • Ultimate Meteor (アルティメットメテオ Arutimetto Meteo?): A tag-team attack with EX Zetton. Reiblood possess EX Zetton and the monster created a larger Trillion Meteor fireball attack, ready to be thrown against the opponent.
  • Tractor Shoot (トラクターシュート Torakutā Shūto?): By firing a blast from his left hand, when the attack hits the opponent, Reiblood can rapidly pound them to the ground.


Although Reiblood's body was destroyed, his genes were spread across the universe, creating the Reibloods and Reionyx in hopes of determining who would be his successor by making them battle one another to the death.


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