Alien Scien
Home world: Planet Scien
First appearance: The Ultraman Episode 44 "The Ultria Broke in Half!?"
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Height: 1.49 m
Weight: 59 kg
Category: Seijin
Affiliation: Caperadon (Servant), Spader (Servant)
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Alien Scien (サイエン星人, Saien Seijin?) was a species of aliens that appeared in The☆Ultraman.

Subtitle: Space Demon-army (宇宙魔軍, Uchū Magun?)


  • Height: 1.49 m
  • Weight: 59 kg
  • Origin: Planet Scien



The Alien Sciens were allies of the Heller aliens that assisted them after they launched rockets from their asteroid base containing monsters called the Caperadons. After the first wave of eight fell to the global defense force, another wave was sent only for the Scientific Defense Guard to destroy them. The Alien Scien commander was contacted by the Heller fleet to stop the approaching Ultria, now split into two ships, as it began to assault the base. The Alien Sciens fought using missiles and saucers only to be easily obliterated, forcing them to use their monster Spader to assist them. Once Spader was destroyed by Ultraman Joneus the Alien Scien was annihilated from the inside from the hero's Planium Beam. After the Alien Scien commander fled the destroyed base his saucer was destroyed by a combined effort from Joneus and the Ultria.

Powers and Abilities


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