The Android couple (アンドロイド夫婦 Andoroido Fūfu?) were two robots created by Yapool which appeared in the series Ultraman Ace in episode 19 "Mystery of the Kappa Residents".

Subtitle: Alternate dimension Agent (異次元エージェント I Jigen Ējento?)


  • Height: 1.72 m 
  • Weight: 80 kg 
  • Origin: Yapool dimension


Ultraman Ace

Androids were two robots made by Yapool in order to lure people in to a pool which was actually the choju King Kappa. They were disguised as a couple who lived in the mansion overlooking the pool. They watched as the kids would become victims of their plans, and even captured a boy who tried to warn the children not to go into the pool. Soon they were confronted by TAC to rescue the kids, but soon the male android pulled a lever and sparked the ground beneath them. That action caused one member to shoot at him and revealed the mechanical parts of him. Minami attacked, to only to be shot by the female android but then she shot back as well, killing them both. Without the androids, King Kappa soon rose. After Ultraman Ace killed the super monster, the kids soon turned back to normal and had their belly buttons back.


  • An android is a robot built to look human, examples include Data from the Star Trek franchise and Guri from the Star Wars novel, Shadows of the Empire.
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