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8 - anemos 1
Home world: Planet Earth (Guardians of the Earth Timeline)
First appearance: Ultraman Gaia episode 8 "The 46 Million Year Old Ghost"
Latest appearance: None
Height: 47 m
Weight: 38,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Crabgan (Symbiotic relationship),
Beryudora (Body part)
Roar(s): TBA

Anemos (アネモス Anemosu?)is a kaiju who appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Gaia. When fusing with Crabgan, it became Crabgan & Anemos (クラブガン&アネモス Kurabugan & Anemosu?). He appeared in episode 8.

Subtitle: Hyperspace Symbiotic Monster (超空間共生怪獣 Chō Kūkan Kyōsei Kaijū?)


Ultraman GaiaEdit

Anemos was a coelenterata life-form that lived in the Cambrian period that grew to large sizes for the course over 500 million years, along with the crustacean life-form, Crabgan, before Anemos died out, but it's consciousnesses lasted through the eons as a ghost. Then in the present day, paleontologist, and former Alchemy Stars student, Mirai Asano, who had studied Anemos, as well as Crabgan, felt sympathy toward the creature, believing that by going extinct, the Earth had abandoned Anemos. This caused Anemos to physically reappear in a state of sleep close to Onuma dam and was reported by the dam's maintenance personnel to XIG. But before XIG could take action, Mirai contacted Aerial Base, urging XIG not to bother Anemos. Gamu Takayama instantly recognized his old classmate and rushed over to her home for more information on Anmeos.

While Anemos slept, GUARD kept a tight watch on it, but unfortunately the KBC News crew was managed to capture Anemos on live video, bringing him to the public's attention, strengthening it's soul and inter fully awakening it. Anemos released a pheromone into the water of the dam to attract Crabgan to it's location. While XIG's Team Lightning deployed to deal with Anemos, but due to Mirai's insistence, XIG held it's fire. Then Crabgan arrived on the scene. After Crabgan and Anemos joined to become one powerful monster, Crabgan & Anemos. Team Lighting restarted their assault. Unfortunately for them, their weapons proved useless against this combined monster and it unleashed its pheromones into the forests, causing the GUARD members and the KBC crew to be drawn to the monster under toxic influence.

Upon seeing Crabgan & Anemos obvious intentions, Gama tried to convince Mirai that the kaiju was nothing more than an enemy of humanity, but Mirai still tried to reach out to the kaiju only to be almost consumed by it. Gamu immediately transformed into Ultraman Gaia and rushed to Mirai's rescue. The hero then began his battle the crustacean-like creature, but his attacks did little but make it angry. The hero soon unleashed his Quantum Stream, and separated the two monsters before destroying them both.



8 - anemos 1


  • Height: 47 m
  • Weight: 38,000 t
  • Origin: Onuma Dam

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Reproductive Pheromones: Anemos can release purple goo from the holes around his body that are actually pheromones and can infect water and creating baby versions of himself.
  • Fusion: Anemos can fuse with Crabgan.

Crabgan & Anemos
Main article: Crabgan
8 - anemos and crabgun


  • Height: 49 m
  • Weight: 38,000 t
  • Origin: Near Sumida River


  • Zombification Gas: Crabgan & Anemos can release yellow gas from the flower on his stomach that will zombify humans. However, this has very little effect on other monsters.
  • Pincers: Crabgan & Anemos has pincers for hands designed to squeeze enemies.
  • Reverse: Crabgan & Anemos can do a hand stand that acts more like the body being reversed.


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