Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Home world: Planet Zant
Series: Ultraman Ginga S
First appearance: Ultraman Ginga S Movie Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!
Last appearance: N/a
Number of appearances 1 (Movie)
Type: Antagonist (Brainwashed)
Ally (Current)
Family Unknown
Affiliation Etelgar (Servant)
Portrayed by Arisa Komiya

Arena (アレーナ Arēna?) was a resident of the peaceful Planet Zant.


Ultraman Ginga S Movie Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!Edit

Long ago, Arena was a resident of the peaceful Planet Zant. She was kidnapped by Etelgar and brainwashed into believing that her planet was destroyed by Ultraman Ginga, therefore setting up a goal to hunt every Heisei Ultras in existence as a revenge.

When they made their stop on Ginga's Universe, both try to hunt Ginga and Victory but the two Ultra Warriors were rescued after Musashi Haruno slipped into their castle assisted UPG. Arena soon invaded their base and personally try to hunt the Ultra Warriors but the intervention of Shou's Victorium purifies her brainwashing, leaving the Etelgar's false memories intact. Etelgar re-brainwashes her again and Ultraman Zero took the fight. Once the two retreated, Arena broadcasted her threat to the public to surrender Ginga and Victory in exchange of the captured Ultra's lives. During that time, Ultraman Ginga Victory was newly formed and after UPG and Musashi invaded their Space-time castle, the captured Ultras were released. With others left behind, Ginga Victory and Cosmos confront Etelgar and managed to fully purify Arena from Etelgar's propaganda, allowing Cosmos to bring her to safety.

In aftermath of the battle, Arena thanked the UPG and Ultra Warriors as Musashi/Cosmos escort her home.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Evil Mirror (魔鏡 Makyo?): A hand held mirror which she used to seal the Heisei Ultramen. The mirror can also fire blue rays of energy.
  • Space-time Castle: Arena and Etelgar resided in a space time castle. The castle, as it name implies can travel through time and space.
  • Physical Ability: Arina is strong/skilled enough to fight the likes of Shou, Mana and Hikaru Raido.



  • She is portrayed by Arisa Komiya, who previously portrayed Yoko Usami in the 36th Super Sentai series "Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters".
    • Arina's relationship with Etelgar was ironic since both of their actors had portrayed characters that shown relationship with each others (Yoko Usami and Usada Lettuce) in the Go-Busters, and although Yoko-Usada's relationship is almost vitriolic, Arena-Etelgar is close due to sharing the same goal, although this is also because of Etelgar's brainwashing.

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