Arisa Sugita
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Home world: Earth (Dark Spark War Timeline)
Series: Ultraman Ginga S
First appearance: Ultraman Ginga S Episode 1: The Opening Force
Last appearance: Ultraman X Episode 14: "Shining Sky that Leads the Earth"
Number of appearances 16 (Ginga S)
1 (Movie)
Type: Ally
Family TBA
Affiliation UPG
Portrayed by Yukari Taki

Arisa Sugita (杉田 アリサ Sugita Arisa?) is the one of the female members in UPG, and is the leader in Combat. She has the strength of a strong man and is in-charge of the Mechas of UPG.


Ultraman Ginga S

Like Gouki as well, Arisa was always seen supporting the Ultras, Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory. Ever since Hikaru Raido disappeared multiple times, she would get angry easily.

Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!

Ultraman X

Arisa reappeared again in Ultraman X episodes 13-14

Arisa arrived on the scene as a giant, angry alien named Mold Spectre fought Ultraman Victory . She was going to get backup in the form of Hikaru when Mold took Victory via dimensional portal and accidentailly took Arisa with her. Arriving in a different dimension from her own, Arisa woke up with the Victory Lancer in her hand and then encountered and introduced to Xio, the defense team in this dimension and she introduced herself as a member of UPG and asking them about Shou. She even became good friends with Asuna and went together on their search. Unfortunetly, they encountered Alien Shaplay and Alien Magma, the mercenaries hired by Mold's sister Gina Spectre, and were on the ropes thanks to Shaplay but thanks to some assitance from Xio, Arisa got the cover she needed to deliver the Victory Lancer to Shou so that he can distract Mold and Magma long enough to fall back and think of a new plan.

Soon afterwards, the Guar Army returned to absorb the Dark Thunder Energy and become more powerful when Xio arrived along with the Ultra hosts and Arisa. She, along with Asuna, Hayato, and Wataru, dealt with Gina and Shaplay while X and Victory dealt with Mold and Magma even though the two females were having a difficult time fighting Gina until Ginga arrived via dimensional distortian and turned the odds against Mold forcing the army to retreat.

When Mecha Gomora appeared close to the Xio base, Arisa, along with Asuna and Daichi, helped the citizens evacuate the area. Arisa then helped Asuna defeat Mecha Gomora when Daichi went to help Hikari and Shou when they were ambushed by Gina and Shaplay by firing an Ultlaser at the mechanic Gomora clone while Cyber Gomora fired his Cyber Super Oscillatory Wave at it.

After Ginga Victory and X defeated Guar Spectre once and for all, Arisa said her farewells to Daichi and the rest of Xio and then left with Ginga and Victory as all of them were led back to their own dimension by Ultraman X and his Zero Armor.

Abilities and Arsenals

  • Training: Like the other members in UPG, Arisa was a well trained in combat.
    • Physical Conditioning: Arisa had the strength to match any of her male teammates.
  • Charge Gun (チャージガン Chāji Gan?): A pistol that fires laser ammunition. If connected to UPG-EV1 Schnauzer's bonnet, it will give out a stronger blast called the Hyper Laser (ハイパーレーザー Haipā Rēzā?), that is able to destroy giant-sized enemies such as the Inpelaizers.
  • Smart Ceaver (スマートシーバー Sumātoshībā?): A communication device that is carried by UPG crews.



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