Armor of Vengeance
Ultraman Mebius, Episode 9
Gudon & Bogar vs Twin Tail
Air date 06/03/2006
Screenplay by Keiichi Hasegawa
Directed by Naoki Ohara
Special skill director Yuichi Kikuchi
Viewer Ratings 3.6%
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Terrible Predator
Pride of GUYS

Armor of Vengeance (復讐の鎧 Fukushū no Yoroi?) is the ninth episode of Ultraman Mebius


Tsurugi tells Mirai why he has come to earth; for vengeance. Meanwhile, it is discovered Bogar is yet alive.


Mirai finds Serizawa unconscious, but when he revives him he is briefly attacked, before he is told Tsurugi came to earth for vengeance. He is also told Bogar is not dead, and will destroy earth. The reason the blue Ultra came to earth was because Aarb had been destroyed by Bogar, and he came to avenge the planet's sentient beings with its armor.

Teppei confirms that Bogar is alive, and that if Bogar is truly killed it will cause a 1.9 gigaton explosion. Ryuu, however, storms out, and is met by Serizawa, who asks him who he is. He then reveals to Ryuu he is merely using the captain's body as a vessel. The two begin to fight but are interrupted by Captain Sakumizo. Just then, Twin Tail is sighted, fighting Gudon. GUYS dispatches, without the captain or Ryuu.

Bogar arrives, and Tsurugi leaves the fight her. She eats the two kaiju before anyone arrives. Mirai hears her telepathically tell him to turn into Mebius or else she'll destroy humanity. Konomi attacks with Eleki-Miclas, and knocks Bogar out. It then evolves into a more advanced form. It then advances towards Konomi and Teppei. Mirai transforms.

Bogar nearly eats Mebius, but Ryuu arrives and stops it with a missile. Mebius knocks out the monster, when Tsurugi arrives. He defeats Mebius and advances towards the monster...




DVD Release

  • Ultraman Mebius Volume 3 features episodes 9-12.
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