Home world: Earth
First appearance: Dinosaur Great War Izenborg Episode 5: Dangerous! Love and Goodness get Rid of Radiation!
Latest appearance: TBA
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Category: Dinosaur Kaiju
Affiliation: Ururu (boss)
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Aroro (アロロ Aroro) is an Ankylosaurus from episode 5 of Dinosaur Great War Izenborg.


  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A

Powers and Weapons

  • Tough Armor: Being an Ankylosaur, Aroro has a very tough armor protecting his back, able to repel the super missiles from the Aizenborg's war ship.
  • Burrowing: Like many of Ururu's henchmen, Aroro can burrow through the ground, how ever, unlike the others that came before him, he was made for underground travel.
  • Fire: Aroro can fire a stream of flames from his mouth.


Dinosaur Great War Izenborg

After the death of two more members of Ururu's army, he decided the two dinosaur fighters seemed semi successful. The first on the scene was Aroro, who burst from the rock and soil to attack a country side town. But he was not alone, as Terara, a pteranodon, joined the attack from the air.

Soon, the Aizenborg joined the fight, and shockingly, Terara lifted Aroro up in his talons and flew quickly away. The duo appeared on a mountainside field, and the warship was there waiting. Soon, the air/ground battle commenced, both sides fighting with gutso. Soon though, Terara was shot down from the sky and Aroro was left alone to fight the super ship. Soon, the Aizenborg drilled through the side of Aroro, killing him in an fiery ball.


  • Aroro was one suit that was used less in the series, only making two other monsters in the show.
  • The Ankylosaurus is actually one of the first dinosaurs to defect from Ururu's army.
  • The roar of all ankylosauri in the show where lowered Gaira roars from Toho's War of the Gargantuas.

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