Length: 150 m
Weight: Unknown
Width: Unknown
Seats up to: 11+ (cockpit)
All Dive Hangar Staffs
Max Speed: Mach 3 (Air)
Mach 42 (Space)
Type: Mecha/Base
Affiliation TPC

Artdessei (アートデッセイ Atodessei) is a battleship owned and operated by GUTS in the Ultraman Tiga series. After 20 years of secret construction led by Dr. Nao Yaban, it made its first appearance in Episode 19.


Ultraman Tiga

The ship employs a high-power laser generator called Maxima Over-Drive, which played a role in a battle against Gobnu armies. Usually stored in F4 dock located in the bottom of the base, Artdessei needs to be lifted until it can sortie from the elevator gate. Since the development was underway in utmost secrecy, even the member of GUTS were unaware of the project at first. When Zoiger covered the whole Earth and Dive Hangar went under attack, the crew were forced to take shelter in the ship.

Ultraman Dyna

In episode 32, this ship is seen combining with Lovemos.

In Ultraman Dyna episode 42, Asuka dreams that the Artdessei was decorated in a pirate ship-esque design called Space Pirate Ship Akebonomaru (宇宙海賊船 曙丸 Uchū kaizoku-sen Akebonomaru aka. Dawn Circle), piloted by Captain Munakata and his pirate crew to battle Captain Zoyaka.



  • The battleship itself is modeled after a whale and an Imperial-class Star Destroyer from the Star Wars franchise.