Home world: Planet Saturn
First appearance: Ultra Q Episode 11: "Balloonga" (1966)
Latest appearance: Ultraman Orb Chapter 3 "The Man Who Steals the Black Hole" arc (2017)
Height: 50 cm ~ 100,000 m
Weight: Unknown
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): TBA

Balloonga (バルンガ Barunga?) was a kaiju that appeared in the TV series, Ultra Q.

Subtitle: Balloon Monster (風船怪獣 Fūsen Kaijū?)


  • Length: 50 ~ 100,000 m
  • Weight: 0
  • Origin: Saturn, Planet 484 confinement (Orb Chapter 3)


Ultra Q

Arriving on Earth on board the Saturn-1 exploration rocket, Balloonga started life as a small object. Exposed to energy, the creature rapidly began to grow. Within hours it hovered over the city of Tokyo, blotting out the sun and devouring any form of energy it could. Rockets only made it grow bigger and a coming typhoon fed it even more. It seemed as if the beast would devour all energy on the planet until an artificial sun was created deep within space. As the intense energy reached the Earth, it got Balloonga's attention. The strange creature began to drift upward, heading for the artificial sun that could feed it for eternity or kill it.


  • Balloonga uses an altered Dogora sound effect.
  • Although not physically seen, Balloonga is one of the kaiju that makes up Beryudora.

Ultraman Orb Chapter 3 "The Man Who Steals the Black Hole" arc

Because of Balloonga's destructive nature, it was kept within a small capsule in prison Planet 484 under maximum security until Juggler obtain it from his prison break. Using Balloonga, Juggler turned it into a Balloonga Bomb (バルンガボム Barunga Bomu?) that would threaten the balance of the universe, creating a black hole as a result. Using this he threatened the Interstellar Alliance to bring Gai before the latter's assistance defuse it and died as a result.


  • The use of Balloonga Bomb in the plot reflected that of 1979 Japanese movie Taiyō o Nusunda Otoko (lit. The man who steals the sun). In fact, the whole plot itself and the chapter's name is a tribute to said movie.

Powers and Weapons

  • Energy Absorb: Balloonga is capable of absorbing any type of energy into its body, growing larger as it does.

Green/Blue Balloonga

  • Electrical Attack: Unlike the regular Balloonga, the Green and Blue Balloonga can use their tendrils to conduct electricity.

Other Media

Kaiju Busters Powered

Balloonga appeared in this game, as well as two subspecies, Green Balloonga (緑バルンガ Midori Barunga?) and Blue Balloonga (青バルンガ Ao Barunga?).

Ultraman F

It was revealed that samples of Balloonga was kept and used by Ide and Inpei Seant to create Ultra Armor F and used by Akiko Fuji. Balloonga's trait was shown when Fuji (Giant Soldier F) was able to absorb incoming attacks from Dark Faust, Dark Mephisto and Dark Zagi but this also resulted with the birth of Ultraman F.

To compensate for the lack of energy absorbing power, Ide created the Balloonga Aegis for Ultraman F to use, later on this armor destroyed by Hyper Zetton.


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