Ultra Q, Episode 11
Ultra Q Balloonga
Air date 03/13/1966
Screenplay by Kunio Torami
Directed by Samaji Nonagase
Special skill director Keiji Kawakami
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The Underground Super Express Goes West
I Saw a Bird

Balloonga (バルンガ Barunga) is the 11th episode of Ultra Q


A mysterious lifeform adheres to the rocketship Saturn I on its return trip following the exploration of Saturn. The alien creature absorbs the rocket's energy, causing it to crash into the sea upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. Investigating in his Cessna, Jun discovers the seemingly harmless balloon-like lifeform and brings it to Tokyo for further study. Feeding on the vast power in the heart of the city, Balloonga grows out of control, destroying Jun's car and seriously injuring Ippei in the process. Balloonga floats high above Tokyo as it continues to absorb the city's energy, keeping the residents in a constant state of blackout. Conventional weapons cannot destroy the creature, which grows even larger after digesting a typhoon. Under the advice of Dr. Nararnaru, a rocket is fired into the Earth's upper atmosphere, creating an artifical sun which lures Balloonga away from the city and into space.


DVD Release

  • Ultra Q Volume 3 features episodes 9-12, & Total Natural Color Blu-Ray Volume 3 Features Episodes 8-11.

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