Home world: TBA
First appearance: Captain Ultra Episode 1: "Alien Bandel Attacks" (1967)
Latest appearance: Captain Ultra Episode 8: "Two Giant Monsters Appear in Mars City" (1967)
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: The Bandels (controllers/masters)
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Bandelar (バンデラー Banderā) is a kaiju that first appeared in Episode 1 of Captain Ultra.

  • Subtitle: Strange Star-Beast (怪星獣 Kai Seijū)


First Appearance

After the Bandel's base is overthrown by Captain Ultra, Joe & Hack, Bandelar emerges from inside the mountains. It spotted Captain and his comrades and went to attack. Bandelar, at first, seemed to have the upper hand with his eye lasers. However, his eyes were shot out and both one leg and one arm were removed. After a short time of trying to continue he fell and was defeated.

Second Appearance

In episode 8, Bandelar returned as Reconstructed Bandelar (改造バンデラー Kaizō Banderā), a more mechanized version of himself, alongside Galban. Reconstructed Bandelar first appears in a saucer form. He lands in Mars City and joins Galban in rampaging through the area. Their attack runs uninterrupted until Captain and Hack make their way inside of Bandelar's new control system, take out the Bandels inside and gain control of him. This causes the two monsters to fight. Galban appears to have the upper hand by ripping off Bandelar's tail. But, he is defeated by Bandelar's EMP body pulse. Bandelar then performs a victory strut and, now under the control of the scouts, tidies up the remains of Galban and the rubble of Mars City.




Powers and Abilities

  • Eye Lasers: Bandelar can shoot beams of electricity from his eyes.
  • White Gas: Bandelar can also spew a white fog-like gas from his mouth that he can use to cover his tracks and make it hard for his opponents to see.

Reconstructed Bandelar
Reconstructed Bandelar

Reconstructed Bandelar

Powers and Abilities

  • Saucer Form: Reconstructed Bandelar can turn into a saucer to fly.
  • Barbed Mace Hands: Instead of hands, like the original, Reconstructed Bandelar has maces for hands.
  • Nostril Missiles: He can also shoot missiles from either nostril.
  • EMP Body Pulse: Reconstructed Bandelar's body can release a strong electromagnetic pulse.

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