Home world: Banderas Solar System
First appearance: Heisei Ultraseven: Betrayal of the Sun (1998)
Latest appearance: None
Height: 1.1 m ~ 48 m
Weight: 20 kg ~ 38,000 t
Category: Seijin
Affiliation: None
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Banderas (バンデラス Banderasu) was the main antagonist in the Heisei Ultraseven: Betrayal of the Sun.

Subtitle: Sun Beast (太陽獣 Taiyō-jū)


Heisei Ultraseven: Betrayal of the Sun

The intelligence of a sun manifest, Banderas was the sun of a solar system that bore his name. Reaching the end of its life, the sun sought to extend its time by feeding on minus energy. To this end it came to Earth as Banderas, its manifestation. The sun being began his operation in a small farming village, causing the appearance of gold. He began absorbing the minus energy of the people's greed when it became great enough, feeding him.

He was eventually interrupted by Ultraseven, an Ultra and therefore a being of light. This caused Seven to be void of the minus energy that allowed Banderas to control the humans, so the sun alien set the people to kill Dan Moroboshi. However when that failed, and his Stargate discovered, he pleaded saying that the life forms of his system needed him.

Banderas was left alone by Seven but the Ultra Garrison was ordered to destroy the Stargate for the safety of Earth. While Satomi was hesitant to destroy the Stargate with her bomb, Dan reappeared, he had ventured to the Banderas system and had found that it's native civilization(s) had long since left. Angry, Banderas transformed and fought Seven. When his Stargate was destroyed Banderas managed to hold off Seven, but lost when the Ultra stuck his Eyeslugger into his top eyes. He was frozen and taken out into space where he was destroyed.


  • Suit actor: Hiroyuki Okano
  • His name, Banderas is a Spanish word for flag, as well as a South American last name.


Eyeball form
Banderas eyeball


  • Height: 1.1 m
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Origin: Banderas Solar System

Powers and Abilities

  • Gold Generation: Banderas can generate gold from underground which he used to feed on the villagers' negative emotions.
  • Minus Energy Manipulation: Banderas can feed on minus energy, sucking out of the minds of humans rendering them temporarily docile and friendly.
    • Mind Control: By injecting the minus enery into people, Banderas can turn them hostile and control for a time or unless they are knocked out.
  • Stargate: Banderas can generate a portal across space called a Stargate.
  • Size Change: Banderas can move about as a large eyeball before changing into his giant battle mode, gaining limbs and extra eyes.
  • Teleport: Banderas can teleport himself for defense or to perform sneak attacks.

Physical form
UE Banderas


  • Height: 48 m
  • Weight: 38,000 t
  • Origin: Banderas Solar System

Powers and Abilities

  • Eye Beams: Banderas can fire beams from all of his eyes.
  • Endurance: Banderas is resistant even to Ultra Beams, as it took a charged Wide Shot from Ultraseven to destroy him.
  • Sunlight Radiation: As a sun's will manifest, Banderas can can generate rays of sunlight from his body.
  • Blinding Flash: Banderas' main eye can generate a flash that can temporarily blind the enemy, commonly aerial-based opponents.
  • Teleport: Banderas can teleport himself for defense or to perform sneak attacks.



Sunny Monster! UltraSeven vs Banderas-1

Sunny Monster! UltraSeven vs Banderas-1

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