Bararan (バララン Bararan) is one of the many kaijin introduced in the Tsuburaya Productions series, Triple Fighter


Height: 6 ft (Est)

Weight: Unknown

Origin: Earth


While Red Fighter was finishing dealing with a group of Devila, he suddenly found himself face to face with kaijin Bararan who, after talking to him about what's going to happen, he used his attachments on his antennae to flash at the hero, converting him back into his human form. While taunting him some more, the monster suddenly found himself confronted by Green Fighter's human form, who shot at him with his gun, forcing him to retreat for the moment.

Afterwards, the kaijin kidnapped the heroes' child friend, Atsushi Ohtsu, hooked him up to a torture device, whipped him, and then subjected him to some experimentation, along with his friend and he would continue to do so while he instructed the Devila to lead the fighters into a trap.

Back at Demon's lair, after reporting his success to his boss, Bararan received some instructions in a scroll telling him what to do next. With this, the kaijin brought out his whip and prepared to get back into action. Afterwards, Bararan proceeded to torture the children some more until one of the fighters discovered them and rescued the children after he gave the kaijin a dose of his own medicine, forcing him to teleport away.

The kaijin then reappeared in Demon's lair where he bowed down before him as he received his next orders after being scolded for letting his victims get away. He then teleported to the base of the fighters where he put their guest under mind control and then teleported away while he took the prisoner with him. Back at the lair, Bararan proceeded to treat him the same way he treated the children, by whipping him.

Bararan would continue to torture his victim via flashing him and having the Devila dump him with a foggy water while interrogating him until Lily, Orange Fighter's human form, escaped her imprisonment, dumped the foggy water on the kaijin, allowing her and the professor to escape until he shook it off and teleported in front of them. While the professor escaped, Lily took on the kaijin alone and she was having difficulty dealing with him even when the former transformed into Orange Fighter and she was soon joined by Red and Green Fighter. When all three of them attacked the kaijin, they turned the tide of the fight but the kaijin still held his own against them, but then, all three fighters merged into Triple Fighter and overwhelmed Bararan with ease with their fighting leading them towards the beach. Bararan finally met his end when the merged hero slapped him across the face and died after he yelled out Demon's name in anguish.

Powers and Abilities


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