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Battle Spirits is an official line of cards, anime, video games and toys, it is a collaboration of Bandai, Sunrise Inc., and Cardass, and it uses the Ultraman brand writhin it, along with many other Japanese properties.

The list of Ultraman Related Cards are here.

  • The Coin Kaiju Kanegon
  • The Space Ninja Baltan Seijin
  • The Friendly Rare Beast Pigmon
  • The Skull Kaiju Red King
  • The Comet Kaiju Jamila
  • The Ancient Kaiju Gomora
  • The Destroyed Castle
  • The Three Faced Phantom Dada
  • The Malicious Alien Mephilas
  • The Ghost Kaiju Seabozu
  • The Transforming Phantom Zetton Seijin
  • The Space Dinosaur Zetton
  • The Science Patrol Base
  • The Capsule Kaiju Windom
  • The Capsule Kaiju Miclas
  • The Space Kaiju Eleking
  • The Hallucination Alien Metron Seijin
  • The Targeted Town
  • The Space Robot King Joe
  • The Attack on Defense Center
  • The Capsule Kaiju Agira
  • The Alter Ego Alien Guts Seijin
  • The Oil Kaiju Takkong
  • The Prehistoric Kaiju Twin Tail
  • The Giant Space Kaiju Bemstar
  • The Bodyguard Kaiju Black King
  • The Unicorn Super Beast Vakishim
  • The Alternate Dimension Superman Ace Killer
  • The Hell Alien Hipporito Seijin
  • The Mortar Kaiju Mochiron
  • The Despot Kaiju Tyrant
  • The Super Ancient Kaiju Golza
  • The Infernal Warrior Kyrieloid
  • The Super Ancient Ruins R'lyeh
  • The Super Ancient Apex Soldier Zoiger
  • The Evil God Gatanozoa
  • The Odd Beast Gan-Q
  • The Space Ninja Baltan Seijin Basical Version
  • The Evil Destruction God Dark Zagi
  • The Space Swordman Zamsher
  • The Unparalleled Iron God Impelaizer
  • The Space Robot King Joe Black
  • Ultraman Belial
  • The Kaiju Graveyard
  • Darklops Zero
  • The Space Dunosaur Hyper Zetton (Imago)
  • The Cyber Kaiju Cyber Gomora
  • The Devil Beast Zaigorg
  • The Devil Alter Ego Beast Gorg Fire Golza
  • The Devil Alter Ego Beast Tsurugi Demaaga
  • The Devil Alter Ego Beast Gorg Antlar


Refer to the gallery page.

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