Battle of Land of Light M78 Nebula
Battle of Land of Light M78 Nebula
Conflict: Belial VS Space Garrison member, Ultraman Dyna & ZAP SPACY
Outcome: Ultra Garrison defeat, the Land of Light was left frozen and dark,
All Ultras and their planet were later revived after the Battle of the Monster Graveyard
Casualties: All Ultras (Temporarily) except for Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Mebius, Leo, Astra, Zero, King and Dyna.

The second Battle of the Land of Light in Nebula M78 was a brief conflict between Belial and the Space Garrison. See Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie

Cause of conflict

The cause of the conflict was Belial's release from the Space Prison by a rogue Alien Zarab, who Belial killed prior to the actual conflict. The alien freed Belial with his Giga Battle Nizer, setting off the Prison's alarms and calling the Space Garrison beginning the conflict.

End of conflict

The conflict ended after Belial made his way through the Space Garrison to the Plasma Tower and took the Plasma Spark from its resting place. Escaping with it, Belial left his homeworld frozen and a majority of the Ultras sealed away in thick ice.

Later on, the act was undone, by Ultraman Zero, who returned what Belial had stolen, restoring the planet and its people.

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