Beam Flasher
Beam Flasher
User(s): Choichiro Hikari
People of U40
First Appearance: Ultraman Joneus Episode 1
Status: Still Active
The Beam Flasher is a device used to transform into Ultraman Joneus and was used by Choichiro Hikari. It was given to him by Ultraman Joneus himself. 


The Beam Flasher is used by all the people of U40, the dissidents of the Heller Fleet do not have any since they were cut of from the Ultra Mind and therefore do not posses Ultra Forms. Choichiro's was the same used by Ultraman Joneus, upon the two merging in space, Choichiro had the device on his belt, although he was mostly unware of it until a colleague pointed it out. It was later during the first battle of the series that he figured out the secret of the object. Later at the end of the series when Joneus and Hikari seperated, Joneus returned home with his transformation device.


The Beam Flasher is not used like most Henshin Devices, there is no henshin phrase to activate it. Instead the user places it on their forehead. Several times before hand the user will hold it up and charge it with energy, presumably from the UltraMind before use. The Rise scene is just the user morphing into their Ultra counterpart as various lights flash around them.


  • The Beam Flasher is the first confirmed instance of a transformation device being used by more than one person. The Beta Capsule was implied to be widely used but never confirmed.
  • It is the first transformation item since the Ultra Eye, to require being placed on the body.
  • It is the first to transform into a part of the Ultra's body.
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