Beam Lamp
Beam Lamp
User(s): Ultras
Nature: An organ for measuring power levels and firing Ultra Beams
Powers: Measure power levels and/or fire beams
First Appearance: Ultraseven Episode 1
Status: A naturally appearing Organ on some Ultras
The Beam Lamp (ビームランプ Bīmu Ranpu?) is a small crystal that some Ultras have. It is located on the forehead and is often used as an analogue to a Color Timer. Its name comes from the fact that it can fire Ultra Beams.


Unlike the Color Timer, the Beam Lamp is a completely natural organ that appears on some Ultras, the first known instance of it was Ultraseven. His Beam Lamp was different in that it acted in place of a Color Timer, keeping track of his energy levels. However, in later Ultras the beam lamp didn't seem to be used for anything other than firing beams.

Normally the Beam Lamp simply flashes when energy levels are low, but the members of the Ultra Force had special Beam Lamps. They all had Beam Lamps, but instead of being green they were blue, flashed yellow after it turned red and made a beeping noise like a color timer.

Ultras with Beam Lamp

List of beams fired from a beam lamp

  • Emerium Ray (Ultraseven)
  • Emerium Slash (Ultraman Zero)
  • Punch Laser (Ultraman Ace)
  • Leo Cross Ray (Ultraman Leo)
  • Ultra Multi Beam (Ultraman Neos)
  • Adorium Ray (Ultraseven 21)
  • 21 Beam Attack (Ultraseven 21)
  • Knuckle Cross Beam (Ultraman Orb)
  • Triple Emerium Ray (Ultraman Orb)


  • In the TNT English dub of Ultraseven, the Beam Lamp was called the Emelium Generator. Its purpose and nature was very similar to the Color Timer in that it was where all of Seven's power was generated.
  • In the Heisei Ultraseven Evolution series, the Beam Lamp was compared to the Third Eye, a concept that represents when one gains enlightenment and allows one to see the universe for what it is. The Third Eye is also representative of a Sixth Sense, allowing one to know or sense things that they shouldn't be able to and to perceive the supernatural.


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