"Delos never intended to destroy the Earth but because human beings changed the environment, they will die. Now Delos is being harmed by the harmful radiation, thus they created the Giga Basark to protect them. However, it won't help in protecting against harmful radiation."

―Satellite Basark explaining Mizuki and Kaito about his masters' history
Giga Basark II
Home world: Earth (Alternate Nebula M78 Timeline)
First appearance: Ultraman Max Episode 38 "Prelude to Ground Annihilation
Latest appearance: Ultraman Max Episode 39 "Hold On To! Future
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Category: Robot
Affiliation: Delos people (Creators)
Roar(s): TBA

Berserkes (バーサーク Bāsāku), also known as Basarks, are the robots who were created by Delos civilization Their creators, are an ancient civilization, but unlike other ancient civilizations showed or mentioned which have gone extinct, the Delos people, went underground to slumber in the wake of a global crises. They were created to watch over and protect the ancient civilization. When global warming caused the sun's rays to reach even their underground home, threatening the stasis pods, the Berserkes followed their programming and launched an attack on the surface world, knowing about the surface world's protector they made plans to deal with the alien warrior.

Subtitle: Robot Beast (机械獣 Kekai Ju)


Ultraman Max

Scout berserke face


Scout Berserke

One night the underground robot monster Scout Berserke (スカウトバーサーク Sukāuto Bāsāku) came to the surface to record the planet's attacks. As DASH failed to stop it Kaito turned into Ultraman Max, but before could be done the hero told his host he would be leaving Earth soon. Max quickly assaulted Scout Berserke and finished it off with the Max Galaxy, but not before Scout Berserke could record Ultraman Max's attack.

Satellite Berserke

Later, Kaito and Mizuki journeyed underground via DASH Alpha 3 driller to deal with the Delos civilization. But no respond as they only started to go to the surface. Furious, he tried to transform into Ultraman Max but the Ultra refused, since an Ultras' interference in a war is strictly restricted. Satellite Berserke (サテライトバーサーク Sāturāito Bāsāku) approached him, strangling Kaito and lift him up. Mizuki ordered it to stop and threatened that she will set the DASH Alpha 3 to self destruct and due to the Delos civilization is an airtight location, the whole city will be destroyed. Satellite Berserke explained the reason behind Delos' plan at the same time viewing humanity's ugly side causing her to die due to depression. Kaito succesfully rescued Mizuki by giving her a CPR aid, causing the Delos to change their minds towards humanity and call off the war. But due to Giga Basark has no shutdown system, they warned Max to be careful as the robot had all of Max's data. Satellite Berserke and several Automatons watched Kaito transforming into Max flying towards the surface.

  • Voice: Shinichi Yamada
  • Satellite Basark's suit was modified from Scout Berserke's.
  • Satellite Basark so far is the only Berserke to remain functional.
    • He is also the only Berserke whose programming were not strict.
  • Despite Satellite Berserke viewed the humanity's ugly side, but unlike other alien invaders he never speak in an amoral tone.

Giga Berserke

After Delos launched its Giga Berserke (ギガバーサーク Gigā Bāsāku) made a full scale assault on Tokyo. Ultraman Max came to the surface to stop the robot from underground, but his color timer went off right before battle (as 2 minutes has passed since Kaito transforms to Max, this means Max only has 1 minutes to fight). As Max got close he was caught in Giga Berserke's energy tentacles and soon separate Kaito from him by using Max Galaxy to fly him down gently as the hero turned to stone. DASH soon used a plan to use the Max Galaxy to revived Max. After using the Guardian satellite system to coordinate solar energy the Max Galaxy was escorted by DASH, but Giga Berserke began to shoot the cables off. Kaito used his body to jump start the Max Galaxy and soon revived Max. Once the hero grew to Giga Berserke's size the Max Galaxy and many Maximum Swords were all that will needed to reduce the titanic monstrosity to dust and finishes with Galaxy Sword Maximum Power. With Berserkes defeated, Max's mission on the Earth is over. Max said goodbye to Kaito and returns to Nebula M78 with Xenon.

  • Giga Berserke grabbed Ultraman Max with its chain-like energy tentacles is the same way like Queen Monera did to Ultraman Dyna with her tentacles.
  • The back part of Giga Berserke's suit will be modified into Inpelaizer from Ultraman Mebius.


Scout Berserke


  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 63,000 t
  • Origin: Underground, Delos civilization

Powers and Weapons

  • Chest Blasts: Scout Berserke can launch missile-strength blasts from the orange orbs on his chest. He is extremely accurate with them.
  • Scan: Scout Berserke can scan the opponent's attack range and send it to the Giga Berserke.

Satellite Berserke
Satellite Basark


  • Height: 2.3 m
  • Weight: 147kg
  • Origin: Underground, Delos civilization

Powers and Weapons

  • Super Strength: Satellite Berserke can easily lift any being of his size with just bare hands.

Giga Berserke
Giga Basark II


  • Height: 357 m
  • Weight: 99,000,000 t
  • Origin: Tokyo

Powers and Weapons

  • Data: Satellite Berserke possess a data of Ultraman Max's attack range thanks to Scout Berserke.
  • Energy Cannons: Giga Berserke is armed with dozens of cannons that can shoot purple energy bombs. These blasts are powerful enough to create explosions larger than most buildings.
  • Armor: Giga Berserke has armor that is strong enough to block a normal sized Maxium Sword.
  • Tentacles: Giga Berserke can generate energy tentacles from its body that can trap even Ultramen in a crucifixion position.


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