Beta Spark
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User(s): Daichi Ozora
Ultraman Exceed X
Nature: Form-accessing weapons
Powers: Summoning the Beta Spark Armor
Channelling the power of Ultraman and Ultraman Tiga
First Appearance: Ultraman X The Movie: It's Here! Our Ultraman (2016)
Status: In use

The Beta Spark (ベータスパーク Bēta Supāku) is a set of two items, namely X Beta Capsule (エクスベータカプセル Ekusu Bēta Kapuseru) and X Spark Lens (エクスパークレンス Ekusupāku Rensu).


Ultraman X The Movie

In Ultraman X The Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman, Alien Fanton Guruman created Ultraman's Cyber Card along with Ultraman Tiga's Cyber Card in Xio's lab, they were transferred to Mamoru Mikazuki & Rui Takada to be given to Ultraman X human host, Daichi Ozora. He scanned both Cyber Cards to receive the X Spark Lens and the X Beta Capsule to form the Beta Spark which allowed Ultraman X to wear the Beta Spark Armour.


True to their appearances, these two items are representations of the powers of Ultraman and Ultraman Tiga. By combining it, they allow Ultraman Exceed X to gain access to the Cyber Armor Beta Spark Armor (ベータスパークアーマー Bēta Supāku Āmā).


Techniques via Ultraman and Tiga Powers

When Ultraman and Tiga gives their power to the Beta Spark, X can perform the following:

  • Cyber Wing (サイバーウイング Saibā Uingu): A pair of cybernetic wings that appear on the back of the armor, created when Ultraman and Tiga combined with Exceed X. The armor is capable of giving more light to other Ultras via the Cyber Wing, empowering them even if they are not in the vicinity.

Techniques via the Beta Spark

  • Sword Mode (ソードモード Sōdo Mōdo): The Beta Spark's sword mode, the X Spark Lens Act as a hilt while the X Beta Capsule becomes the blade.
    • Beta Spark Sword (ベータスパークソード Bēta Supāku Sōdo): The Beta Spark becomes a sword that X uses to slash his enemies with.
  • Arrow Mode (アローモード Arō Mōdo): The Beta Spark's bow mode, with the X Spark Lens act as a bow and the X Beta Capsule becomes an arrow.
    • Beta Spark Arrow (ベータスパークアロー Bēta Supāku Arō): The Beta Spark and Ultraman X's most powerful attack. Can blow an X shaped hole through Zaigorg's incredibly tough skin and destroyed it in a great explosion.


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