Biological Weapons
Biological Weapons MANGA
Home world: Varies
First appearance: ULTRAMAN Volume 5 Chapter 34
Latest appearance: Chapter 37
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Yapool
Roar(s): Manga Characters
A set of biologically engineered beasts that serve as weapons. There appears to be various forms of them with different designs.


An SSP extermination team was called to a harbor area to kill the runaway Bio Weapon. Shinjiro fought with it, but was knocked back. Seiji Hokuto, had eavesdropped on Shinjiro before and discovered the threat, arrived and sliced the beast in half.

Later, in a subway, Shinjiro and Moroboshi arrived to dispatch a different, ant-like Bio Weapon but Seiji had already dispatched it by the time they arrived, having beheaded it.

When Seiji confronted Yapool about his family's murderer, Yapool let slip that he was aware of who the mastermind. Upon further questioning, he revealed that he had created the Bio Weapons to give evidence to his story that evil aliens had created them. Seiji became angered by Yapool's deceit, and over his protests stormed off.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: They appear to be rather strong as one was able to send Shinjiro flying through wooden walls.
  • Size: Their size seems to give them an advantage against human sized foes.


  • The beasts are clearly based on the Choju. This can especially be seen in the first, which vaguely resembles Verokron.

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