"Juggler-sama you're an idiot! I will never give up! My love is eternal!"

―Biranki shouting at Juggler for leaving her (Chapter 5-2).
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Height: Human
Weight: Human
Home world: Unknown
First appearance: Ultraman Orb Super Complete Works (Chapter 3" The Man Who Steals the Black Hole"arc)
Latest appearance: Ultraman Orb Super Complete Works (Chapter 10" Go, Migration Birds."arc")
Actor/Voice actor: None
Suit actor: None
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Jugglus Juggler(Ally, Lover)
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Biranki (ビランキ?), also known as Bilanque is an alien girl which Juggler met when he was imprisoned at Planet 484. Biranki had also followed Juggler to Earth after Maga Zetton's rampage.

Subtitle: Space Girl (宇宙少女 Uchū Shōjo?)


Chapter 3 "The Man who steals the Black Hole"arc

Biranki was originally a princess from an unknown planet. Due to her ability to communicate and summon monsters, she was sent to be a prisoner in Planet 484.

In the prison, she was masked until she encountered Juggler, who released her. Her new friend decided to include her in his plans and recruited her in a breakout attempt. Biranki then used the kaiju Gango to break out of the prison along with Juggler. When Gai defused Juggler's Balloonga bomb, both Biranki and Juggler were arrested and shipped to different prisons. At some point Biranki escaped yet again.

Chapter 5 "From Rulsaka of Love" arc

Sometime in the 1950s, forty-two years after Maga-Zetton was defeated, Biranki followed Juggler to Earth with the saucer beast, Hangler. One again she targeted Gai, who had countered Juggler's plan to resurrect the King Demon Beasts.

Juggler and Biranki met up afterwards. Juggler drugged her coffee, and left her on a distant planet with a note telling her not to follow him.

Chapter 10 "Go, Migration Birds" arc

Biranki is featured in this story arc along with Gai and Juggler.

Powers and Weapons

  • Monster Control/Communication: Biranki has the ability to release energy wave to communicate and manipulate monsters to her liking and using them to achieve her goals. She was feared by her parents due to this ability.


  • Biranki's description implies no unusual physical features.
  • Her behavior towards Juggler can be considered as Yandere, for being overly possessive. This is however justified as she saw him as a rescuer in her dream.

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