Birth of a New Hero
The☆Ultraman, Episode 1
Air date 04/04/1979
Written by TBA
Episode Guide
The Secret of the Shining Pendant

Birth of a New Hero is the 1st episode of The☆Ultraman.


Shortly after the Scientific Defense Guard had been assembled, ice burgs from the Antarctic region began to melt with one of them containing ancient monsters known as the Seagras. An ice burg containing a lone Seagra was intercepted by the Scientific Defense Guard only for it to hatch from its icy tomb within minutes. After a laser barrier failed to contain the monster, Seagra made his way toward an unsuspecting harbor before completely freezing it and the city it was in, completely turning it into an icy tundra. The Scientific Defense Guard attempted to fight off using their fighters only for three more members of his species to emerge from the ice to assist it. Once Choichiro's fighter crashed he used the Beam Flasher for the first time to transform into Ultraman Joneus. As the Scientific Defense Guard was caught by surprised, Joneus took the monsters on one by one and shortly into the fight managed to cause to of them to freeze each other. The other two Seagras teamed up on him with his color timer beginning to turn red, forcing him to use his Planium Beam on both of them, knocking them out and returning the monster to their frozen confinements.


Scientific Defense Guard (First appearance)




  • Seagra (First and only appearance)


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