Not to be confused with the Ultraman Ace choju Black Satan

Black Star Satan
Black Saturn 2
Home world: Dark Planet
First appearance: Fireman Episode 27
Latest appearance: none
Height: Length: 12 meters
Weight: 2 kilotons
Category: Seijin
Affiliation: Blacker (minion)
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Black Satan is a kaiju that appeared in Fireman, coming to attack Earth with Blacker.


Length: 12 meters

Weight: 2 kilotons

Origin: Dark Planet


Black Satan was the Emperor of a planet known as the Dark Planet. After having destroyed many stars, he set his sights upon Earth. He possessed the dead monster Blacker, and manipulated the corpse of a recently deceased man. He used Blacker to rampage several times while the man attempted to destroy Earth's defense team, SAF from the inside. The man's loved ones took notice of him, and reported him to SAF. SAF knew that something was afoot and killed the manipulated dead man. Black Satan then used Blacker in a last attempt to destroy the team until Fireman showed up. He fought and defeated the monster. The Emperor left it's destroyed host and fought the hero himself, but was easily defeated as well, finally ending his reign of terror over the cosmos.

Powers and Abilities

  • Corpse Manipulation: Black Satan can manipulate or control the corpse of the deceased.



  • Black Satan shares his name with an organization from Kamen Rider Stronger and a Choju from Ultraman Ace.
  • Black Satan is also known as Black Saturn.
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