Home world: Dark Planet
First appearance: Fireman Episode 27
Latest appearance: none
Height: 62 meters
Weight: 34,000 tons
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Black Star Satan (leader)
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Blacker (ブラッカー, Burakkā?) is a kaiju that appeared in the Fireman series.

Subtitle: Planet Monster (惑星怪獣, Wakusei Kaijū?)


  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 34,000 t
  • Origin: Dark Planet



Blacker was a recently deceased monster that had lived on the Dark Planet. His corpse was possessed by the planet's emperor, Black Satan to use in his invasion of Earth. The emperor manipulated the corpse of a recently deceased man to destroy Earth's defense team, SAF from the inside while he used Blacker to terrorize the Earth. Black Satan's tricks were eventually found out, and he used Blacker in a last ditch attempt to destroy SAF. Fireman appeared to fight him, and after a short fight, Blacker was defeated by the hero's Fire Dash. Black Satan left the monster's decimated remains to challenge the hero himself, but was also easily defeated ending his invasion.


  • The Blacker suit is just a slightly modified King Jaigras suit.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mental Power: Blacker can lift things with its mind.
  • Huge Nail: Blacker can release a giant nail from its horns.
VS ブラッカー06:22

VS ブラッカー

Fireman Vs. Blacker

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