Blast Shot
Image blast shot
User(s): Jun Himeya,Ren Senyju,Nagi Saiyo and Komon Kazuki
Nature: Weapon
Powers: Various
First Appearance: Ultraman Nexus(Series)
Status: Unknown

The Blast Shot is a weapon that pairs with the Evoltruster,the transformation item wielded by Ultraman Nexus' human hosts. It is wielded by the Denaumists in Ultraman Nexus.


Appearing along side the Evoltruster, the weapon has been in the possession of every Deunamist, since Jun Himeya.

Powers and Abilities

Besides firing energy bullets, it has other abilities:

  • Charged Shot: Nexus' Human Host can fire an energy blasts that can vaporize small space beasts.
  • Exorcism: Nexus' human host can fire a yellow energy blasts that can safely expel dark energies from other people.
  • Shields: Nexus' human host can fire an energy blast to create shields or dissolve dark ultra shields.
  • Signal Flare: A shot fired into the sky, it generates a signal flare that summons Stone Fluegel to pick up the Deunamist



  • It is the only weapon to be related to an Ultra and the only weapon to come together with the transformation item.

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