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Tsuburaya's tendencies with new Collectible figurines as of late have left something to be desired. Besides the figures based off the Another Genesis stories and the detailed models by Bandai and X-PLUS, in more recent years we've had the Anthropomorohic Project... which consists of shapely women skimpily dressed in outfits representing various monsters and Aliens (and done by the same team as Genesis too!), which to me, seems like a blatant cash-in on the ever present Anime/Moe fandom.

When I think of re imagined stuff, I look to SIC (for which attention to Ultraman is lacking) or Another Genesis (which hasn't seen too many updates). These Girl Models have left a bad taste in my mouth.

Thankfully, Japanese group Dunk and Tsuburaya have officially unveiled a new line of Figures, called Kaiju Remix, all of which feature radical redesigns of Ultra Creatures.

There are currently four figures; Semi-Ningen (Cicada man), Astromons, Gamakujira, and Bemular.

Obviously, some designs were more radical than others. Gamakujira apparently takes inspiration from amphibians and whales, and Bemular uses traits from Crocodiles and the Komodo Dragaon.

All of these are very interesting and fun to look at... but they'll all run you at least 130USD for purchase one for yourself.

This is the sort of thing I like to see, unfortunately, it doesn't seem like I'm in the financial position to afford any.

All photos copyright Tsuburaya and DUNK.

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