• Tsuru23

    Due to the recent developments and issues we've been facing, Anonymous editing has been disabled for the foreseeable future.

    Thank you.


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  • SolZen321

    So I have been enjoying Geed, however as I think back to Orb I find that I'm enjoying that series more. Thinking about it and deciding to type out a blog about it, I've decided to try and explain it to myself, and in the process you guys. In short, this is what Geed could learn from Orb.

    Also Spoiler warning for Geed. (Duh...)

    Within the first arc of Orb and X, and Ginga (hey say what you will about that story it still had something going on) in fact, all of the Heisei shows, starting from as early as Tiga, and even Ultraseven Evolution, had a mystery as part of their over all plot. Practically all of them, if not most of them, had a mystery driving the plot. With Tiga, it was what destroyed the Ancient Civilization and forced the Ultras to …

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  • Galaxilord1954 EX

    So, overall, the SH Figuarts line has definetely been a blessing to all the Ultraman toy collectors. This and the DX line of course. Like seriously, since it started late last summer, they've been pumping out figure after figure like clockwork, its crazy! To think Bandai can now finally rival their Spark Dolls/Ultra Hero 500/Ultra Hero X/Ultra Hero Orb series, something Ultra Act couldn't do, and something Monsterart's can't do. And while we're getting overall not as many Ultras as Ultra Act so far, we're getting a bunch of kaiju. WHICH ULTRA ACT DIDN'T DO. Ultra Act has more hand choices, and better accessories sure...but either way, Figuarts is awesome, so this is my place to discuss news and stuff about it.

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  • SolZen321

    What is an Ultra Beam?

    August 12, 2017 by SolZen321

    So this seems like an open and closed question. What is an Ultra Beam? Many of you no doubt want to answer "A Beam an Ultra shoots". Congrats, you've just won the idiot award, expect you award in the mail, never. Passive-aggressive (was that even 'passive'?) humor aside, what makes up an Ultra Beam? A 'beam' is not always as simple as a laser, you have plasma beams, particles beams, and with the latter, you have so many more beams falling under that definition. What is an Ultra Beam, can we figure it out...well I wrote this blog, so I may as well get on with the theory...

    So it's time for Sol to once again make up some quasi-scientific idea and make it sound sensible (it's a theory based on a franchise that's best describe as Science 'Fanta…

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  • Galaxilord1954 EX

    So, if you haven't noticed, this year and last year, Tsuburaya's been doing some funky limited edition figures/statues involving Glitter Tiga and Gatanozoa, and now, they're keeping up this trend, basically we're getting an amazing looking statue of Glitter Tiga that is coming from the Dakaiju Monster New Gen series of figures. From what I can understand, its going to only be available for a few days of purchase, on this website right here: now, it's 12,960 yen or about $117, 100 euros or about 90 British Pounds, so if you can fork over that, your good to go. (And Free Shipping, yay!) It comes with a few accessories, though  not important, a base, stand and...batteries? I don't know if this has soun…

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  • Serpentoffire
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  • SolZen321

    For the longest time now, some anonymous user(s) have taken to putting the Kaiju category on Choju pages, and they may be wonder why those edits are undone, and the pages protected. Well I suppose it's long past time I explained.

    Now to be frank, no one is really sure what the definitive difference is between Choju and Kaiju is. However, there are several instances in the series itself, that implies there is a major and important difference.

    All Choju were created by Yapool, either literally or mutated by him from some prior being, sentient or otherwise.  Monsters on the other hand, appear to be mostly mutations, or life forms that evolved in environments atypical to what you would find on Earth.

    It was stated in Ace (and later made irrelevan…

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  • Lamango

    New Kaiju

    August 5, 2017 by Lamango

    This lil dude appears in Geed. Need a name. 

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  • Jmcdavid

    So yesterday, I saw that fidget spinners were being sold at Barnes & Noble, and I decided to check them out.

    And I've gotta say, for being such simple toys, they are surprisingly addictive, and fairly soothing as well! I like these little things!

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  • Ultraman Life

    Trust me, I made this.

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  • Jmcdavid

    Okay, this time I'm going to be talking about a couple of people besides Peter Parker who gained the power of Spider-Man, and their origins.

    First up, we're going to actually be leaving the world of comic books and exploring a deal that Marvel made with Toei Studios. Back in 1978, the two corporations made a deal to use each other's properties in any way they wanted. So while Marvel adapted two of Toei's anime programs for their Shogun Warriors series. Toei came up with their own creative spin on Spider-Man. Instead of nerdy high-school student Peter Parker, they used motorcycle racer Takuya Yamashiro. Instead of a bite from a radioactive spider, they used powers granted by Garia, the last surviving alien of the Planet Spider. And instead o…

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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    On the 10th of July, a Chinese company () hosted a live show promoting their anime movie called (), whom Ultraman was supposed to guest star in, aledgely to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ultra Series.

    Right off the bat, you can see that it's a low quality "suit", and by "suit", I mean it's just a guy with a mask and pants, and some body paint. Heck, you can even see his fingernails and toes...and something else I shouldn't say on this wiki.

    Tsuburaya productions has also claimed that this is fake in an official statement they put up yesterday (19 July 2017), and was done without their permission.

    Tsuburaya's statement (Google Translated):

    "On July 10, 2017, in China Beijing, the Chinese company Guangzhou Aragon Culture Propagation Co.,…

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  • Ultraman Life

    A collective of Easter Eggs I PERSONALLY FOUND within episodes 1 and 2 of Ultraman Geed. If I missed anything major, I'll release an updated version. Expect episodes biepisodely. (BTW, the font is an Easter Egg (10 points to Gryfindor if anyone can tell me what it is...)

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  • Titanabo360

    About the gifs

    July 16, 2017 by Titanabo360

    I have noticed there have been some arguments and a bit of issues about the variety of gifs that I have created and uploaded lately, but I just want to point out some stuffs here and there to have you all understand a bit of why I'm doing this.

    I'm only focused on making gifs for the "New Generation Ultras"(Ginga-Geed). Ever sense I've noticed that Orb seems to have the upper hands with the most technique or other kinds of gifs within his article, I retraced back to Ginga's, Victory's, and X's articles with only jpegs and barley any gifs and felt that these new generation ultra articles should deserve the same type of treatment then how we treat some new articles today with gifs and such. Therefore I began my spree of creating Ray gifs, Ult…

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  • Jmcdavid

    Spider-Man Talk

    July 13, 2017 by Jmcdavid

    Okay, because this is relevant to a movie that came out last Friday, stop me if you've heard this one.

    A spider gets exposed to nuculear radiation, and then it bites a nerdy young man named Peter Parker. The end result is Peter gaining the proportionate strength and agility of a spider, as well as the ability to cling to walls. At first he's just planning to be a TV sensation using the alias of Spider-Man, using some homemade web-shooters as a means of convenient travel, but after his failure to stop a thief that he could have easily apprehended leads to his Uncle Ben being killed by that thief, he learns that with great power, there must also come great responsibility, and abandons being a TV sensation in favor of being a crime-fighter.


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  • Ultraman Life

    Prepare Yourself!!
    HERE WE GO!!

    In order for me to become myself,
    I will let anyone smile!
    A wish that could change the future,
    I cannot be ashamed,
    Of getting hurt!

    I decide my own STORY!
    I go against my HISTORY!
    Supporting my friend's smiles with the power of
    GEED... I will be strong

    For everyone, prepare yourself!
    Continue towards tomorrow!

    If anyone has any discrepancies, let me know.

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  • SolZen321

    Sol here. So after seeing the subs for the beginning of Ultraman Geed, I know some stuff about the Ultra Capsules, but somethings don't make sense. Hence the 'theory' part of this blog. Let us begin. (Don't worry it's going to be short this time)

    So we know Ultraman Hikari made them in response to the conflict that Belial caused. They are weapons, but the question are they useful. Well, what do we know.

    From the trailer for episode 2 we can surmise that the Capsules now reside inside human in energy form, giving these people super powers...And I think that explains it all. The Ultra capsules were meant to be used by Ultra, probably the average warriors, temporary power boosts, the strength of the elites for short periods of time. It…

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  • Ultraman S

    Alright, here we go (pun not intended).

    Some people may have thought of this after viewing the first episode of Geed (if you have not, go here:, or support them on Crunchyroll!). Here is my take on what the whole series of Geed might be about. The following may not be oh so spectacular, nor breath-taking, but please bear with me.

    The opening is most controversial. The first scene we see is King, using his powers to bring a broken planet back together. Some people may view it as purely aesthetical, but I believe there is something deeper to it.

    There is a possible meaning to this: he did indeed fix what Belial had done and instigated, the Crisis Impact. The color of his energy, golden, is also a reference to what I…

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  • Lamango

    New Seijin

    July 7, 2017 by Lamango

    At 3:33 a new Seijin is introduced. Can anyone else understand what she's saying?

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  • Jmcdavid

    Okay, I have to admit, I am a sucker for epic speeches followed by the bad guy getting the mother of all beatings. So I would like it if, in the final battle, Geed tells Belial (or whoever the final enemy is) that his human teammates will never quit as long as they live. But Geed? He has a different in, something like this.

    What can I say? I'm a real sucker for one of the good guys giving a World of Cardboard Speech. It's just so awesome to see a hero, who has constantly been holding back, finally decide to cut loose and unleash his true power on a really strong enemy.

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  • Jmcdavid

    To everyone on the Ultraman wiki who lives in America, or celebrates the holiday in their own way, I want to wish all of you a happy Independence Day.

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  • Lamango


    July 2, 2017 by Lamango

    I can't access my account on due to not having cookies activated. I have the cookies activated, but it still says I can't enter. Anyone else have this problem? 

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  • Lamango

    Would it be wise to do a crossover character category? Gorgosaurus cross overed from Mirrorman, Ultraman and Taro appeared on Aizenborg. City of Shadows has Godzilla, Ghidorah, Gamera, Legion and two Evas appearing with Ultraman and Alien Zarab, then the cast of Battle Soccer and game like Super Tokusatsu Taisen where Ultraman, UltraSeven, and Jack appear with Kamen Riders, Metal Heroes, Go-Rangers, Giant Robo, Red Baron and Daitetsujin 17?

    • Godzilla
    • Rodan
    • King Caesar
    • Jet Jaguar
    • King Ghidorah
    • MechaGodzilla
    • Titanosaurus
    • Gigan

    • Gamera
    • Legion

    • Kamen Rider 1(From Ultraman vs Kamen Rider and Super Tokusatsu Taisen)
    • Kamen Rider 2
    • Kamen Rider 3
    • Riderman
    • Kamen Rider Black
    • Kamen Rider Black RX
    • Kamen Rider Stronger
    • Kikaider
    • Kikaider 01
    • Gavan
    • Shariran
    • Shider
    • The Go-Rangers
    • Sho…

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  • Lamango

    All these gifs.

    June 23, 2017 by Lamango

    All these gifs are killing my PC. Can you tone it down with the gifs? 

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  • SolZen321

    Well this is nice, usually it takes so much longer for me to do one of these theory blogs...Regardless, you are probably pondering what there is to explain about Dark Ultramen. They are giants of darkness right? that's not wrong, but not exactly that simple either...

    Now, what really and truly what grabbed my attention was lore on Dark Zagi and his origins, and that's when I noticed something about the names of Dark Ultramen. Now note, these are not 'imitation Ultras', or robotic doppelgangers, nor even monsters taking on the appearance of an Ultra. No, I'm talking about pure, one hundred percent Ultra, but evil.

    In case some of you have not noticed, there is a distinct difference in the naming of some Dark Ultras. While called the…

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  • Mao Wu Kong

    Well, I came across this website with a lot of Ultra Series info and triva and behind-the-scenes stuff, eg. Kaiju suit designing. I think the info there can be added to many of the pages here. Maybe even good enough for an entire "behind the scenes" section on pages. Maybe. There's actually so much stuff on the site I can't add all on my own cos im anyone who wants to help...please go explore this site

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys another blog, and again it's about Ultra Anatomy, but this time, it's less a theory and more questions.

    I've recently been watching a channel on Youtube that talks about numerous scientific facts, questions and stables of science fiction, it is very interesting and education, such as Space Warfare, and the fact that 40 billion people on a planet wide city is a situation of under population. If anyone is looking to write Sci-Fi check him out HERE, Isaac Arthur.

    Now back to the matter at hand. Watching his videos has made me realize certain things, and question certain aspects about Ultra Anatomy and my theories about it, mainly...shouldn't Ultra be extremely hot, why do their patterns work that way, and why do some Ultras have Beam L…

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  • Jmcdavid

    Okay, it's kind of sad, but KemurianSeijinUS got his YouTube account banned for copyright infringement.

    Now, you might have noticed that I created a page for ULTRAMAN ORB (song) yesterday. That's because of a guy on Facebook who goes by Machsubs. Thanks to him, I was able to create that page. But I'm afraid that might be it for songs that I can create pages for. :(

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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    There more towards the Orb entire series, I have a feeling that new pages and new information should be added for Orb, Gai Kurenai and Jugglus Juggler,Natasha page as well. Thanks to someone who posted the entire novel on Weibo, which the link could be found on Ultraman League page, I try to be accurate as possible.

    • Please note that the translation for some of the terms inclusing Planets, Aliens, Monsters and Characters may not be correct.

    Gai returned to Planet O-5O and was given the mission to collect 4 elements of the Orbcalibur. During his journeys, Gai has resolve peace across the galaxy and encountered other people. Gai also not wanting to form relationship with otehrs b ut still maintaining his will to protect the weak.

    Meanwhile Juggl…

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  • Gaikurenai

    User scam

    June 10, 2017 by Gaikurenai

    something is happening, the admin has to do something this weird  user unusual  create unrelated page 

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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    Orb's Techniques

    June 4, 2017 by Zhu Huong Ng

    In the Japanese Wikipedia, some of Orb's technqiues with name unknown here are given a name there though there are some techniques their true name is still not given.

    • The names may not be accurate, a better translation will be needed

    • Barrier for Burnmite is called

    • Mid-Air Kick is called
    • Barrier from the Orb Calibur is called
    • Energy Arrows used by Orb The First is called
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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    Since the year 2015, we have had a major problem with anonymous users, who spam useless comments, vandalise, troll people and sometimes are just straight up...dumb. While the prescence of useful anons cannot be doubted, there are more disadvantages to advantages to letting anonymous users freely edit the wiki. Here are a few things to consider:

    • Some anons know stuff that we don't and are useful sources of information. Disabling anons would mean taking away all of their future contributions as well.
    • In the year 2016, there were more blocks than previous years combined and most of them were anons who troll and vandalise.
    • Being anonymous means your IP can be tracked by anyone, which is dangerous.
    • As stated before, most anons are troll, vandals, a…
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  • Muhammad Amir

    The header ain't explain everything, so read the rest.

    • Credit to...

    Thanks to the blogger who buys the Ultraman Orb Super Complete Works Magazine, now we have a closer look to Kiyotaka Taguchi and Takao Nakano's .

    The contents are...

    1. Features the story of Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA.
      In this story, Gai ventures across the space to collect all four elements (fire, water, air and earth) for the Orbcalibur. It also features him meeting Mulnau and Alien Gapiya Sadeath for the first time.
      In this story, Juggler met the . This serves as Gai and Juggler's breaking point and each grabs the Orb Ring and the Dark Ring respectively.
      Gai and Juggler first arrived on the Earth that the TV series takes place. appears!
      Gai meets Natasha Romanová in Rusalka and…

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  • Ginga no Tameni

    Geed News

    June 1, 2017 by Ginga no Tameni

    Good afternoon. The new Ultra Capsules are revealed. They are: Great, Powered, Tiga and Glitter Tiga. Also, there are fusions for LunaMiracle Zero + Tiga and Arch Belial + Maga-Orochi. What those fusions are are unknown as of this time. Speaking of fusions, I bet a million bucks Great and Powered will have one. 

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  • Ultraman Life


    May 28, 2017 by Ultraman Life

    Just a random query:

    What are you thinking of the 2010s (or the, as I like to call, the 'life-support') Ultra Series so far?
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  • Ultraman Life


    May 27, 2017 by Ultraman Life

    and . Just in case you forgot it's still Seven's 50th.

    This is another one of those cases where a kaiju/seijin hasn't been seen since their debut and they randomly appear 30-40 years later without warning just to surprise you. If Tsubupro keeps that idea up, I shall be happy.

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  • WBC the Seijin Fan

    Im Back!

    May 26, 2017 by WBC the Seijin Fan

    Yea its been a while with school and stuff. Yes Im finally back to the ultra community. I really wanted to contribute more but I usually had either tons of homeowork or I played Borderlands 1 and 2 for 4 hours. 

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  • NguyenAnhLam

    I have a question I have wondered for a long time: Actually I need to unanimous with you guys about Daigo is Tiga in human form or he just the host:

    As Tiga and Daigo's page said that Daigo is human host as he merged with this Ultra. However, some other pages in this Wikia, such as Daigo's actor Hiroshi Nagano, said that Daigo is Tiga's human form instead as Tiga just the body while Daigo transforms to the Ultra form and he controls the body. Did you guys can put forward one exactly answer?

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  • DominatetheFreedom

    What software do you guys use to make the kaiju roar sound? 

    Because, there are some missing file roars on each new kaijus. (For example Psyquen, bezelbs, etc) 

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  • DominatetheFreedom
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  • Muhammad Amir

    Its director James Gunn and...

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  • SolZen321

    This theory blog is a continuation of this previous blog about the Time Limit. So it may be helpful to read that one first.

    So, as I seem to have enough time to waste thinking these things over, and the time to write these blogs...why not? (Oh who am I kidding, I write these things to stay sane...sigh)

    Now I'm going to give my thoughts on Ultra Armor, the skin of Ultras and see how realistic or if there is a realistic equivalent and/or explanation for the durability of Ultras. Let us begin!

    If you really have to ask this question...get out, just get out, I don't know why you're here, but look go read 'this' and get back to me.

    Now, for those of you still here...I still feel the need to explain what Ultra Armor is...well what's made off and suc…

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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    Instead of going to an edit war with a certain user, which will probably get us both banned, I've decided to set up this poll.

    The purpose of this poll is to decide what we should put into the Ultras' abilities gallery, however some things will remain as images or .gifs forever because one is better than the other for showcasing certain things, or availability issues.


    • .gif: Use .gifs when available
    • Both: An image AND .gif (when available) must be placed on the page.

    • Advantages
      • Loads quickly
      • Can be downloaded easily
    • Disadvantages
      • Still image, can't see complete action
      • Needs more description

    • Advanatages
      • Can see the whole thing
      • Provides clear description without using words
    • Disadvantages
      • Takes a while to load
      • Long tim…

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  • Yapool

    I have noticed that the attack team articles do not get anywhere near the same attention as our kaiju articles. Now that (for the most part) the site's kaiju articles are fully up to date we should concentrate a little on the attack teams, specifically their gear/arsenals, bases, vehicles, other mechanical elements, and pictures. While these vary from article to article the ones in worst shape are TAC, ZAT, MAC, UMA, and HEART.

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  • SolZen321

    So here's a question, how many Ultras got shafted when it came to their series? Quite a few when I think about it. So here is a list of a few Ultras who I think should get a series, maybe even just a short one like Heisei Ultraseven and Orb Origin.


    Now you may wonder why Ultraman should get a series, well why not? Ultraseven got several (technically) in the early Heisei era (80's and 90's for you plebeians). It would be interesting to see a series where Ultraman comes back. Would he get a different host, would they be related to Shin Hayata, if they named him Shinjiro I think I would pull my hair out from the sheer laziness.

    Ultraman Zearth

    Many may laugh at Zearth...but that's sort of the point. Yet Zearth managed to do more than jus…

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  • Angel135

    Olympusat, Inc.'s television channel TOKU announced on Wednesday that it will air the Ultraseven X live-action television series for the first time in the United States. The series will air with English subtitles on June 5-12 on weekdays at 7:00 p.m. EDT.

    The channel describes the 12-episode series as following "the story of a powerful and mysterious red and silver giant whose main mission is to protect mankind from the Shadow Rulers, an evil alien species who threatens conquer the planet and destroy humanity." The live-action series premiered in 2007 as the 23rd installment in the Ultra series.

    TOKU is currently airing the Ultraman Nexus live-action television series in the same timeslot.

    TOKU will also air the Queen's Blade: Wandering Warri…

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  • DominatetheFreedom

    This a Myth or Fact to Ultraman Geed. I wrote down this, because it seems interesting.  Once the series is air, i'll pick the answers, while you guys can write down your thoughts down in the comment. If they didn't named Geed and it's Xead instead, i would have not write down this blog. 

    1. Geed Riser sound is voice by Soichiro Hoshi (Myth) (Its Nobuyuki Hiyama)
    2. Geed's voice grunt is also voice by ^ (If Tatsuomi may not be able to "geed" good with the voice) (Myth) (It's still Riku's)
    3. Each of his Form, will appear like Orb did.
    4. Belial's Voice actor is Toshihiko Seki (previously voiced Seven and Leo in Ultraman: Super fighter legend) (Myth) (Its Yuki Ono)
    5. Riku is like Kira Yamato
    6. Riku could be not just having a family feud, but having a "frenemy" as…
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  • DominatetheFreedom

    So i managed to copied the Geed's name from Ultra Zero Fight fb page. While indeed there's some corrections in the translation, i managed to corrected as much as i can. Although, that post is posted from a month.

    I found this to be an interesting fact.

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  • FlurrTheGamerMixel

    just a list of my kaiju fusions. okie so lets start

    • reason for fusion: they are both very popular choju in the ultra series.

    • reason for fusion: they both were revived by geronimon
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  • Ultraman Life

    making this as shemlessly widespread as possible, sorry

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